A New Year, A New “Me” – I Promise!

A new year … a new beginning … a new dawn … a whole lot of colourful phrases do come to our mind when we think of the upcoming new year. While the enthusiasm with which we approach the new year is totally justifiable, a thought did cross my mind. “Why is it that most of us tend to crave for something new?”

  1. Is it giving ourselves a chance to start afresh on our life’s goals?
  2. Is it an opportunity to leave behind the baggage of the past year?
  3. Is it to embrace the chance of taking our already-going-good life to the next level and make it even better?

Well! Each of us do have our own reasons …

All in all, I do feel it’s an opportunity to explore a whole lot of opportunities out there!

However, it will happen only when you take action. I am sure most of you will have a collection of to-do lists, motivational quotes, promises made to self and your near & dear ones. It’s high time to implement them. If you do not have a list already, no worries … Make one …

My perception of the new year is Point 3 mentioned above. My focus would be on what’s going good for me already and making it great. However, hold on … What I am going to share now can surely help any of you out there irrespective of your choices.

The reason why I did share my perception is – this is the first step towards embracing the new year. Be clear about what you do expect out of it. This is the foundation to make it really work for you.

When we say new year, resolutions automatically pop up in our minds. Infact they are synonymous with the new year and thereby go together hand-in-hand. But, for how long? 1 week? 1 month? 2 months? Or a Full year? Yes … you are right! Resolutions are often made but mostly broken! While the former is a very positive step, the latter falls short.

What I would suggest is – work on the quality of your resolutions first. Are they really meaningful? Essential? Practical? Fine-tune them. Be clear about what you do want from this year. Like I mentioned earlier, this is the first step towards making resolutions as this serves as the foundation for a successful year ahead.

Remember that you will be investing a sufficient amount of time and energy towards it and for effective use of the same, you must be clear about what you want to focus on. Your energy inturn goes wherever your time and focus goes. Be wise when it comes to putting down your resolutions on paper.

So, let’s delve deeper into this. Let me share some of my own resolutions with you. They are not new to me altogether. I have been working on them in the past year and the year before that too. I want to become better at it. That’s the aim. I am sure many of you can relate to them too …

1. Develop Life-Refining Habits

First and foremost, habits are something which you tend to do on a regular basis. You do spend a sufficient amount of time towards them. Commonly, they are classified as either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy and so on. Let’s break this generalised pattern and go deeper. I would like to say – develop life-refining habits.

Make a unique habit list for yourself and not go by the crowd. The reason is if you blindly go by what others are doing, you will not be motivated enough to develop those habits.

Identify what kind of habits help you refine your own life.  It could generally be a mix of health-related ones, habits which help you perform better in your work-place, habits which help you improve your social status and those which add meaning to your life.

If a certain habit helps you get an hour of quality time with your loved ones, would you grab it or leave it? Sounds interesting right?

Building time-wasting habits, those which drain our energy, health and finances is actually easy. The difficult part is developing constructive ones.

The even more difficult part is that following constructive habits and sticking to it for long may sometimes tend to look boring and mundane. What I would suggest is that combine habits with pleasure. Build a network of like-minded people who are keen on developing the same. Thereby, you will have an opportunity to network with interesting people as well as develop the habit. You will also end up being accountable to each other. There are numerous ways you can actually make it interesting. Choose one which suits you more.

This beautiful video by Bright Side focuses on some of the habits of successful vs unsuccessful people.

2. Follow The Nike Way – Just Do It!

At times, there is a general tendency to keep contemplating on your plans for too long. The result? Little or absolutely no progress. Yes! You might have come up with a fabulous plan but it might not have worked the way you want it to yet. My suggestion is don’t keep waiting for the perfect moment and situation. Just start working on it. Things will fall into place as you make progress.

Sometimes, you might be doubtful with your own plan of action. Don’t … Just do it! As you go forward, the path will become more clear and there is always scope to refine your plan of actions and inturn actions.

3. Launch Your “Me” Brand

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to do this. You just need to focus on bringing out your unique qualities to the table. Bringing about uniqueness in the way you think and act is not necessarily a choice of a select few. It is infact a winning attitude which helps us shape our lives the way we want to.

For that, you need to work on yourself. Explore yourself more. Give opportunities to yourself to grow and become better. Remember, there is no dearth of opportunities out there. Life is such that you can create opportunities for yourself.

When you focus on yourself in a positive manner, whatever you say and do will have that silver lining. Your work, lifestyle and personality will stand out in the crowd. This will be your “Me” brand.

This blog by Satish Rao focuses on how you can focus on transforming your life for the better.

4. Let Go Of Resolution Spoilers

You really want to go for your morning walk but you are upset over something that happened the previous day and this is preventing you from going out.

Your health is playing havoc with your resolutions. Hence, you are not able to keep at it.

You really want to pursue your weekend hobby but this pesky relative drops by and your hobby flies out of the window …

The situations could be many. So, make a resolution to let go of your resolution spoilers! While some may need a deep sense of commitment towards them, few others need to be tackled at your sub-conscious level.

“Resolutions are made to be broken!” has become a common piece of humour doing the rounds especially during the new year. But seriously speaking, they are not meant to be broken. More often than not, there will be stumbling blocks at the subconscious level which you might not be aware of. This is what could probably be preventing you from keeping up your resolutions though you really want to. Get to know what those are and tackle them.

If you need professional help in this area, feel free to sign up for a call with a professional coach who will not only help you identify them but also see to it that you overcome various obstacles and emerge successful.

Do You Want To Re-design Your Life?

5. Make Your Life Simple

True! Life is really competitive out there! Still, make it simple! Making your life simple does not mean that you should become complacent and not be challenging.

I am only asking you to make it simple so that you will be strong enough to face life’s challenges no matter what it throws at you.

Sounds confusing? How can life be simple and competitive at the same time? Well … let me explain.

Go on a flashback from the beginning of 2017 till now. Identify the following

  • Time wasted for unwanted worries
  • The habit of constantly comparing with others doing better than you and thereby feeling down
  • Periods of stalling in progress
  • Visits to the past
  • Fear factor
  • Phases of negativity – remember that two negatives make a positive in Mathematics, not in life!

Your list could go on … Out of the 365 days, just imagine how much time you would have wasted in making your own life complicated! Make your life competitive, not complicated. Compete against yourself. You are your toughest competitor, not anyone else!

When you follow this, your life automatically becomes simple and you start making huge progress day by day and year after year. You will then be all set to take up bigger and more constructive goals going forward!

Wish You A Fabulous 2018 Ahead!


Authored by Sushma Krishnan

Co-Founder, High Performance Alchemy