10 Steps For An Amazing Life Transformation

More and more people are finding it difficult to stay in the present and stay focused. I do keep hearing this again and again. “Satish! I do find it next to impossible to stay focused and am overwhelmed with things around me.”

What does scare them the most is that if they continue to live this way, they do know that they will never truly live. Not everybody can take the leap of faith  of quitting the job or profession they are in and live the life they aspire to.

However, for those of you who do know me a little. I was living this exact life  few years back and it’s never been better for me during the last decade as an Entrepreneur , than all the 2 decades put together earlier.

I did realize in early 2010(that’s when I quit my Corporate Job) that in each moment, we do have the opportunity to proactively create the life we want. Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.

This is what I have been trying to be at and sharing my experiences and leanings over the past few years as a professional Coach.

What I am about to share with each one of you through this Blog is the 10-Step Process which has turned out to be “Life Trans-formative” for me and also to each one of my own clients over the last few years, which I will guarantee “if you practice”  will help you reduce the chatter, make you more centered and most importantly reignite your passion.

Get a grip on your thoughts:

Most of the people live either in the past which has happened many years back or the future which is yet to come. They do tend to forget that dwelling too much in the past or the future is certain to make you get a wrong footing in the present.

Focusing on the present is more of conditioning the mind. When you make more time for the present, you are paving the way for forward momentum which will help you move in the right direction.

I do come across so many people held hostage by their ego, fear, attachment, competition and survival. All these are certain to move you away from your goals.

Working towards getting a grip on your own thoughts is easier said than done. However, with small steps like daily meditation, actively planning for the day and visualization, one can work towards being more in the present by letting go of the past & working towards a compelling future.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude:

No man or woman is an Island. We cannot work towards our highest potential all on our own. It is imperative that we acknowledge people who are directly and indirectly responsible to our success.

I am not advocating writing a daily journal which I personally do not do, but at the least, spending some time during the day taking some moments to be “Thankful” for people who are believing & standing by you.

Over the years this has become a part of my own daily ritual. I always make it a point to take some time out every day to be Thankful for the wonderful opportunity to do the things I am doing and also for the people around me who are actively supporting my endeavor.

You will be surprised with the outcome when you spend a couple of minutes every day doing this.

Spend less time in front of the Television:

If you are someone who considers watching Television as a relaxation, then you will be surprised to read this. More and more research is pointing towards an inverse relationship between TV consumption and social trust, an important ingredient for a thriving society.

Television is addictive because for one important reason and that is for the most part, it portrays a convincing mirage of reality, where everyone is unrealistically better looking, funnier, more intelligent, and more successful.

It’s harmful for our self-esteem and prevents us from engaging more deeply in our own imperfect, but present realities.

Moreover, with all the negativity going around being highlighted for their own TRP, it is a prime influencer on how our thoughts are conditioned. I am not advocating a complete hands-off approach towards Television.

However, restricting it to the bare minimum is what can make a huge impact on your own personal journey.

Even if you dedicate half the time you spend in front of the Television by working on your Goals, learning a new skill or even spending quality time with your family. It will be worth its time in Gold.

Assume the best in a Situation:

With so much happening around each one of us it is natural to come across people who might be rude to you, ignore you or even at times snap at you. All these kind of situations that do not offer any explanation is more than certain to trigger animosity and most assume the worst, beat themselves up and eventually develop a negative mindset about people around them.

What I have been doing over the years is that I have trained myself not to look at the negatives, but focus on the good of the people. If I do come across someone who is cranky at a bill counter, I more often than not give them a way with a warm smile.

If I do see someone who is on the tip of exploding with rage in a traffic jam, I give way to make them feel more comfortable.At times, I do step back to allow someone to move ahead, be it in a bumper to bumper traffic or in a queue at a department store or at an ATM.

Opportunities like this do come to each one of us every day. How you interpret them and channelize your energy in the right direction is what makes you a better person and help you move that much closer to your personal Transformation.

Make an effort to be more Kind:

What we do lack in this materialistic world is kindness to others. Over the years what I have realized is that being kind to others will make one, more centered and grounded. This particular trait is extremely important in the times we do live in.

Every day I look for an opportunity to be kind to others. It can be a simple act of holding the door for someone to walk through or even stopping the car to allow someone to cross the road.

Random acts of kindness will not cost you a thing, but will make you happier and calmer. I always do these acts without expecting anything in return.

Life is only a combat zone if you contribute to it. So, reduce your stress, think of these as acts of kindness, and let the busy-bodies get out of your way.

Moderation is the Key to happiness:

This may sound funny, but you will be surprised that many of the people I do come across buy the things they never want and probably never use. There is no one answer to this but with experience I do know that some sense of insecurity is driving them to unwanted buying & spending.

It is most important to live within the means. Unnecessary spending is just wasteful, supports contagious consumerism and more often than not leads to long term unhappiness.

When people develop on spending moderation they are strengthening their selective purchasing muscle.

The more you practice you tend to become stronger. I can walk into any point of sale and walk without buying anything at all. Over the years I have developed a habit of valuing money as a resource and not just a commodity.

However, do remember that there is a clear demarcation between living in moderation and living in a miserly manner. Living on Moderation is an empowering habit, which once developed is certain to do you more good.

Be Mindful When You eat meals:

Are you aware that your Emotional & Physical health depends more on not just what you eat everyday but more on how and with whom you do eat. I am not surprised to hear from many of my own clients over the years, that they have never have had the time to sit at their dining table and have their meals with their loved ones.

I always say this to my own clients that eating meals should be the most important task of the day. The food you eat everyday fuels your thoughts and propels you towards the destination.

I, for many years now always make it a point to have my meals at the dining table, not watch or read anything and yes my mobile never does have space on the dining table, especially when I am having my meals.

I am always mindful when I do have my meals and then I do get on to the other tasks. Begin small and you can step up gradually.

Take responsibility for your behavior:

One of the easiest things you can do from this minute is to take absolute responsibility of your own behavior. I did take complete responsibility of “respecting time” very early in my life.

I feel it’s disrespectful to yourself and to others when one does not value people’s time. I always make it a point to reach a venue at least 10-15 minutes ahead of time. Did this happen overnight? Of course not!

I made a conscious choice over the years to make it well ahead of time,when I have to meet people or go to a venue. In doing this, I give myself more than enough time to arrive at my destination at ease and also give myself an opportunity to enjoy the journey.

Recession Proof Your Investment:

One of the best investments you can do at these times is by investing time in reading. Yes, gaining knowledge was, is and will always be the best investment you can make to progress in life. I have been lucky to have developed this habit decades ago.

Every day I do spend a couple of hours at least just for reading. I read Non-fiction or any other book which is a value-adding and a source of positivity. I pick and choose what I read every day. Over the years, most of my own thoughts and ideas have been influenced to a large part by my reading habit.

Practice Meditation:

When you begin to master your thoughts, I will guarantee you that you can do almost anything in life. However, mastering one’s thoughts is not a walk in the park but a consistent effort every day. Practicing Meditation even for a couple of minutes every day will help you go a long way.

What I have noticed in myself and with my own clients is that it is easier to develop clarity of thoughts and you will eventually develop emotional strength to override any negative or limiting thoughts, which can derail anyone’s transformation.

I always practice and also recommend my own clients to at the least, Meditate twice in a day. First thing in the morning and last thing before retiring for the night. This paves the way to work on bigger things at the subconscious level.

Life Transformation is all about reminding people of what they already know. Doing small things right and accepting that everyday above ground is an incredible opportunity, for all of us to live our life to the fullest potential.

The steps which I have mentioned above are not something which I have not walked myself. I have been practicing each one of them for years now. I am sure you can gain ground by incorporating a few which you do feel makes sense.

However, if you still feel that you do need someone to walk with you in this journey of “Life Transformation” then I will be more than happy to help you begin the journey.

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