3 Actions Steps to Exercise

The One question that always intrigues me is – why do some people tend to be more active, move around the day & stick to their workouts, while others tend to struggle to even get up from their chairs?

People are aware of the need to be healthy, but somehow how they “communicate with themselves” is what makes the crucial difference between being physically active and living a sedentary lifestyle.

When I look at my life & that of the clients I have been working with over the years, there are three things that stand out in particular which you can work on to get exercise more –

Don’t be obligated to exercise:

In my earlier years when I felt the need to exercise, I used to force myself to hit the gym or get up early for a run. However this never used to cut ice as I could carry this only for a couple of days.

If you develop an attitude of being obligated to exercise, you will not be able to make a lifestyle change. Figure out a physical activity which is more fun & forthcoming. It can be just about anything, as long as it makes you gasp for your breath.

When I ask my clients during my coaching sessions or in seminars, as to what is it that they love – each have a different answer. Look at exercise as a fun activity.When you begin to do something you like,you don’t have to be pushed towards your goals.

 Build connections:

Remember exercise unless done on a stationary treadmill, in your bedroom is usually an opportunity to meet with people and connect with them. This is one of the reasons I advise most people to go outside & exercise. You can either be intimidated or motivated in your environment of exercise.

This plays a big role in your exercise regimen. My advice is always to choose an activity where most of the people are in your zone of fitness. You are sure to give up sooner than later, if you visit a gym where mostly seasoned people work out.

Build your connections & also your workout tempo.I have over the years, developed incredible connections with some amazing people, during my exercise time out.

 Your beliefs are crucial:

One of the most important aspects is believing that you are good at exercise. Focus on working on your belief system, one day at a time & do not struggle to keep up.

Paying attention to your progress during this time is important because it is in this small progress you will find the motivation,which will eventually keep you going. Hence working with a “Wellness Coach” will make a huge difference, in helping you work from the inside out.

You regular progress over time will eventually strengthen your belief structure to raise the bar.

I have worked with people over the years, who have had absolutely no inclination to workouts and exercise. However by working on changing their internal dialogue, they have begun to look at exercise through a different prism.

It does take a few coaching sessions to work on this. If you feel that you are going through the rut of not exercising, then sign up for a “Free Introductory call” where both of us can talk in person, as to how to team up to overcome your challenge.

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