3 Dirty Lies That You Tell Yourself Which Is Pulling You Down

One of the things that prevent most people from creating an exceptional life that they truly want is their ‘Excuses’.

We give ourselves excuses all the time. Some of these excuses are conscious and we are aware of them and there are others that are Subconscious and that come out naturally.

The problem with excuses is that both the excuses – conscious as well as Subconscious pull you down and prevent you from achieving the goals that you truly want for yourself.

If you find yourself stuck in an important area of your life, it’s likely that you have a couple of internal excuses (or dirty lies) that are pulling you down (which you may not even be aware of).

But you’re not alone. The same thing happened to me when I tried to create the life that I wanted to live.

My excuses pulled me down and held me back. Eventually, I learned to get rid of them and am now successfully living the life that I wanted to live.

If I can do it, so can you.

From my personal experience and also by working with other people, I have learned that excuses are something that need to be negated completely. You can’t let the excuse stay there or try to push it away – because it’ll come back in a different form (maybe through rationalization).

The only way to negate these excuses and eliminate their impact is with creativity. Every excuse that we give ourselves is a trap and the first step is to identify what these traps might be and work around them.

Anyone looking to become successful has 3 common excuses that prevent them from creating the life they want. In most cases, we are not aware of these excuses because they are disguised rationally.

And these are the 3 traps that hold most people back. Make sure that you are NOT held back by these…

I Am Not Good Enough:

Telling yourself that you aren’t good enough or not believing in yourself is NOT the same as being humble. Most people when they venture into unchartered territory, tell themselves that they are not good enough and stop themselves from taking action. And then they rationalize it by saying they are humble.

This is one of those little tricks the mind plays on you – which fears the unknown. And you need to negate it as soon as possible.

When I found myself giving the same excuse when starting my business, I told myself that even the most successful people started off with nothing and weren’t great at the craft right from the get-go. They started somewhere, persisted through and eventually became masters at their craft.

Will I Be Successful?

Doubt is another trick that the mind plays on you whenever you are doing something uncertain and challenging. With this simple question that crops up in the corner of your mind, you can be held back from moving forward on your goals for YEARS together.

Giving up on something you already have and moving in an entirely different direction requires an incredible leap of faith, that each and every one of us need at some point in our lives.

The main reason why this question crops up in our mind is because of our attachment to the outcome and the tendency to believe that most outcomes in our lives will be negative.

The only way to negate such an excuse is by working on your belief system and creating an empowering, positive outcome and developing a roadmap for accomplishing that outcome. When you are crystal clear about where you are going, it is a lot easier to quell the demons in your head.

And this is one of the MAIN things I ensure each and every one of my clients, get a grip on very early in my interventions.

I Do Not Have The Time:

Another trick that the mind plays on us that prevents us from accomplishing most of our goals is the infamous, “I do not have the time” excuse.

There’s a huge difference between making time and having time. If you are clearly driven by your vision, you will definitely make time to move towards your goals.

And the reason most people give the, “I do not have the time” excuse is because they do not have a CRYSTAL CLEAR, COMPELLING vision that drives them forward day in and day out.

Even the Prime Minister Of India  has the same time as each and every one of us. None of us are bestowed with a single second more. The trick is to have a compelling vision that drives you forward and identify where you are wasting your time and replace that with productive things that will make your goals come true.

Excuses are dirty tricks the mind plays on you. And the only way to work around them is to get creative and play games on the mind.

The excuses are the map to your success and eliminating them is your journey. As soon as you begin to eliminate your excuses, you’ll find yourself moving forward towards the goals that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

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