3 Happiness Rules To Live By

Most want Happiness but few can figure out how to live it. In my experience it is not the biggest things which will make a person happy but small things. I have known people who have everything in this world but are still unhappy.

Infact the whole idea of this blog, began in a conversation with a lady, sometime back who said that she had more than everything what one could ask for, however what was lacking was happiness in her life. Sometimes, just stepping back & refocusing on your vision will make it much better.

If you are looking for “change” with more joy & fulfilment, then you can begin by taking the first few steps.

Self Discovery Is A Natural Process

When people go on the path of self discovery, they tend to get so wrapped up in finding themselves that they forget how the discovery is actually made. Most of life’s purpose is found by “Living with passion” and it is no different with self discovery.

One thing I do, when I work with my clients is to get to their passion and align their goals in sync with it. I have realised that by digging into true passion, self discovery will come naturally and more easily.

Give Value & Build Relationships

When you can create an opportunity in adding value to people’s life’s, you will be certain to build relationships. With technology at our finger tips, it is not a difficult task if you set about adding value to people’s lives. In my experience as a “Life coach” I have seen that the happiest are those, who are always on the look out to give value, build fantastic relationships with themselves & with others.

Start small & be genuine in your approach. In no time you will be on this journey of value addition.

Smile More

Work on removing the cloud over your head and begin to smile more. At one time I was guilty of hardly smiling when on a task. However now it is a different cup of tea. I carry a smile, Most of the time(yes I am yet to master this area) which has made an incredible difference to situations.

Smile more – it is contagious and you will begin to spread this around. I hear from many of my clients that they used to smile & laugh so much more a couple of years ago but they seem to have let go of it. Believe me it is just a mindset and once you get back to this you will be an expert like before.

Happiness is a state of mind and what each one of you can do, on a day to day basis is what matters at the end of the day. You can have a myopic vision & focus only on your pain areas or step back & relish the positives around you.

Working towards being happy is not a Herculean task as many try to make it out to be. It is just clearing your old vision and re looking life through a different set of lenses.

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