3 Key Ways Your Health Influences Your Success Quotient

There are more than enough written & spoken about why being healthy both at the physical and Emotional level is important, but how many of you do know that it also plays a critical  role in helping you succeed at the top.

I have come across some incredible successful executives and Entrepreneurs over the years and one of the area which most of them regret not taking enough care was in their health area.

I am not telling you that you will crash and burn right now, because you have never stepped into a gym or physical activity is something which is missing from your dictionary.

However what I am going to say is that your health, both Physical & Emotional will have a deep impact on your business, one way or the other. Read on to find out how exactly it pans out.

Your Energy Level: 

If you are someone who is at the top of the game, you know what I am talking about. Life in the higher plains of responsibilities is extremely busy and energy sapping.

You will have a dozen things coming at you at the same time and it does become more and more hectic, unless you take control of the situations and begin to manage it better.

More often than not,I do hear these executives tell me that they wish they had more hours in the day.

To get through this, I believe each one of you need to work on your energy and focus. If you are someone who is overweight, unhealthy and with very low energy levels then “I will guarantee you” that you will not last too long enough to finish this marathon.

You will be constantly tired and dragging through. You will lack Emotional strength to develop the focus, to be at the top of the given situation.

A healthy diet with some time slots for a regular exercise, is what helps you to regulate your energy levels and improve your area of focus drastically.

Your Self Image:  

When it comes to your own self-image it always depends on how you perceive yourself internally. I always tell my clients that “they are the public image of their business”.

How you look & feel from the inside out is what people around you perceive. This in my opinion does give rise to be either connected or  disconnected with your customers & people around you.

Showing your present and future customers, that you take your health seriously makes it an easy decision for them to work with you. This is something which has proved for me “absolutely spot” on in the last couple of years.

Your self-image is critical in how you influence others around you and being healthy both at the Mind & body is extremely critical if you are someone who is trying to work in this area.

Your Opportunities: 

Are you aware that people make an opinion of you within the first couple of seconds on seeing you? It is during this time that they make up their mind to either buy from you or trust you.

If what they see is someone who doesn’t take care of themselves, they can’t get to a buying position in their mind going forward.I can guarantee you on this.

We all know how important first impressions are with anything in life. What kind of first impression are you creating on a daily basis? Becoming healthy will benefit you in more ways than one both in your personal & professional life.

One of the key differentiator when it comes to someone who is successful and continues to be a role model,  is taking on the responsibility and putting action to words.

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