3 Mantras That Will Turn You Into The Fittest Person You Can Ever Be… Even If You Rarely Exercise Right Now

Do you have a tendency to make your fitness routines way too complicated? Over the years, I have come across many people who turn simple regimens such as a stroll in the park into complex routines and never really follow up on it.If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

Being fit can be just about as simple as you can make it out to be. Let me share with you 3 KEYS that will help you become fitter and happier in the next couple of months…

Use your own Bodyweight:

Did you know that some of the best workouts on the planet utilize purely body weight exercises? Does that surprise you? That’s exactly how I felt when I began my fitness journey. There are several (or a decent amount) of body weight exercises that you can begin with. But for starters, I’d recommend the three of the simplest exercises that even the best bodybuilders still use today:

– Squats

– Pushups

– Planks

Each one of these three exercises can be done by just about anybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 17 year old teenager, 40 year old corporate executive or 65 year old retired professional. You can easily build some muscle and strengthen your core with these body weight exercises.

I frankly believe that these three exercises are (STARTING POINT/MANDATORY) and should be practiced at all costs, before doing any other exercises.

Walk & stretch as much as possible:  

Walking is one of the safest and healthiest (or simple – some kind of benefit) activities anybody can do. However, the problem today is many of us hardly ever walk, thanks to massive urbanization and a sedentary lifestyle. You need to be conscious of this and make it a point to walk as much as possible.

Stretching is also another thing which people hardly do. Walking & stretching realigns the body & helps in lubricating the joints. Both of these can be incorporated in your daily schedule regardless of how busy your lifestyle is. Some of my own clients who are busiest, make it a point to follow this diligently.

Live with purpose:  

When you have a clear life purpose, it will exhilarate you and provide you with the energy to help you perform your best at your job, improve your interaction with others and enjoy your life more. We need something in our lives to gain strength from.Excitement and passion change things up and gives us the motivation to exercise, eat well and most importantly makes us feel good.

One thing that I find missing in a lot of people is the lack of a compelling purpose.A compelling purpose has the power to change your life for the better… because when you live by it, you will operate from an entirely different plane.

Some of the healthiest people I do know follow most of these principles and live a life full of energy and positivity. I am sure some of you would love to walk this path as well. If you are NOT living your life with a compelling and exhilarating purpose already, let me help you chart out a road map for you so you can find your purpose, and truly create the life you want.

If you feel you need my assistance in creating your ideal lifestyle, get in touch with me for an introductory call where we’ll discuss your life purpose and wellness. You can reach out to me through my email – coach@satishrao.in or through one of my social media channels. I look forward to hearing from you!

Satish Rao

(Life and Wellness Coach)

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