3 Reasons Why You Suffer From Low Energy And What You Should Do Instead?

When was the last time you slept late, but did get up early in the morning full of energy and vigor, just because you were heading out to catch a flight to your favorite holiday?

However when it comes to going through a regular day @ work or at home we might have to be literally pushed, from all the sides.

I always find this pattern with most of my clients when I am working with them in dealing with their energy levels and what probably might be the real culprit? Is something I ask myself.

The answer could be many but most likely there are 3 reasons according to me why you could be tired all the time and how to regain more energy, than you ever remember having.

Is Chronic Stress Your Constant Companion:

I do come across majority of people trying to do too many things at the same time. We are all wired up to do at the most one or two things at a time.

However when I see many people driven by laser like focus to do more in given time it does come with a huge downside.

Exposed to chronic stress over a long period of time is bound to skew the hormone imbalance in the human body, which does act as a natural stabilizer, to stress hormone cortisol to play havoc in our body.

When one is exposed to this day in and day out it is bound to do more harm than good in many ways.

What you can do instead:

 You can’t always control the source of stress, but one thing you can change is your reaction to these stressers.One of the foremost thing which I do advocate to each of my clients when it comes to managing chronic stress is Mindfulness Meditation.

A simple 10 – 15 minutes of focusing on your breath and not think about anything else will go a long way in helping you stabilize the stressors.

Do read my previous Blog on Mediation where most of you can hit the ground running.

You are not Hydrated Well Enough:

One of the most common thing I do notice in people is that they are not hydrated enough. This is guaranteed to push you towards low energy, Mood swings & in some cases drop in productivity.

With more than 80 percent of our body consisting of water it is more often than not we end up getting dehydrated faster if you spend most of your time in an Air-conditioned environment.

One of the weirdest reason I have come across in my Journey as a Life Coach is “I do not have the time” for a washroom break so I hardly drink any water.

What you can do instead:

A one-size-fits-all water consumption won’t work since your hydration needs vary based on things like the weather and your physical activity. However the closest you can get to the idle water consumption is 8-10 glasses for a men and 6-8 glasses for women.

However I always tell this to my clients during coaching or Key note address “the best indicator is always the color of your  urine, if it’s light lemonade color then you are doing just about fine. Any darker shade then it’s time to chug some plain water more regularly.

You lead a Sedentary Lifestyle:

 If most of the time you are spending on your chair or on the couch then you are setting yourself up in  cranking  the cortisol and blood glucose level to spike during the day, which will eventually drain you of your precious energy.

I hear this more often from people who work long hours just sitting “Even though I am just confined to sitting to most part of the chair Satish I hardly have any energy left at the end of the evening.

Sitting more is bound to drop your metabolism and make you feel lethargic.

What you can do instead:

Get unstuck from your office chair or couch. Take a break every one – two hours and make it a habit to walk the stairs, rather  than taking the elevators.

Eventually your goal should be to  make a habit of carving out 10 K steps every day.

Believe me if you are creative enough there are more than enough ways to consistently get to the recommended 10 K steps every day and I have been doing this for quite a while now .

If you are someone who is feeling low in energy in most part of the day and it is effecting your productivity then

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