3 Steps To Be More Action Oriented And Win The War Within

When was the last time you were stuck in a situation where you knew what you should be doing but could not move an inch due to the habit of procrastination.

I do come across people who have been putting off things for a week, months and in some case years.

All of us do know that procrastination can be one of the worst habits we can easily become good at. However there are people around us who have overcome this and somewhere they have mastered to shut off the voice internally.

You can too if you begin to go about it earnestly.

Prioritizing Is An Art

When you look at the task in hand most tend to pick on the easiest first to experience the feel good factor and then ride the momentum wave. It usually does not work that way and before you realize, you would have run out of steam.

One of the key habits of extremely productive and successful people I have personally coached over the years is that they do pick on the most important tasks on their list first, to get them out of the way.

When you approach a challenge in this perspective you are more than certain to end the day on a positive note.

Be Realistic On Your Time Commitments

One of the key aspects I do come across with habitual procrastinators is that somewhere in their head they have got it wrong when it comes to allocating time for certain tasks.

Most look at blocking large chunks of time which incidentally can be done in half the time.

Some of the most productive people I have known do get started with the time they do have and see how it goes. This more than helps in chipping away the mentality of “it’s going to go on forever”

Doing the task in small chunks is far more productive than doing it all at once.

Do Not Get Ahead Of Yourself

Most of our fears are unfounded. Even though we realize this at the end of the journey we tend to project our fears on the task in hand even before we begin.

What this does in my experience is that tends to stop people in taking the first crucial step and eventually they end up going in circles.

Some of the most empowered people just get done with the task and worry about the fallout later. They work on the mindset that success or failure is not final but a part of the journey.

You should work towards getting to this mode on a regular basis.

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