3 Steps Guaranteed To Help You Crush Your Old Thought Process.

Are you aware that an average human mind generates about 70,000 thoughts per day? That’s about 2916 every hour. So, nature does give you that many opportunities to work on yourself or bring yourself down.

What you choose is your prerogative and it is imperative that if you are looking at becoming successful in your respective field, then it’s time to take control of your thoughts. I am not telling you that you can control 100% of your thoughts here but at least a few of them are good enough to help you move in the right direction.

Your external environment is beyond your control most of the time. However, what and how you think is something you can take absolute control of and I am just about going to explain how you can do that and see some massive changes. If you are ready for the ride then, jump in right away.

Change The Channel

If you are watching Television and do not like the content, what do you end up doing? Change the channel Right? Well then why do you think people do not switch the thoughts if they are doubting their abilities or not taking any actions. The reason is obvious, they do not know how to switch the channel internally.

If you are ruminating about something which is beyond your control and which has already happened then you are not doing anything worthwhile. Stop whatever you are doing and try to break the pattern. Some of the things you can do right away would be

  1. Physically take a break and move out of the place
  2. Write down the thought troubling you in a paper, tear it and flush it down the toilet
  3. Try seeing the incident in reverse. This will confuse the brain and break the loop pattern.
  4. If the incident is very close to you and in color make it move away from you and change it to black and white.

Unless you do something to distract your mind for breaking the pattern, you are certain to continue to go in the same loop and eventually, this is certain to drain all your energy. Do whatever it takes to help you shift your thought process. This brilliant article The Brain Mechanics of Rumination and Repetitive Thinking by Christopher Bergland is a great read on this topic.

Change Your Internal Dialogue

How do you speak to someone whom you really care about and truly love? Am sure it will never be the same way as you speak to yourself. Over the years, I have noticed that majority of the people are more critical on themselves than others. This, my friend will do you no good. It will pull you down faster than you think.

Majority of the studies and research has linked an individual’s physical and emotional well-being and self-motivation to self-compassion. This article by Dr. Emma Seppala The Scientific Benefits Of Self-Compassion is a good read to help you work on your internal dialogue.

So, the next time you are speaking to yourself consciously, then work on changing your internal dialogue. The more you work on yourself ,the more you will be able to influence your subconscious mind which eventually will play a critical role in breaking all the patterns permanently.

Change Your Brain To Look For Good In Life

I met my friend last week for dinner and I noticed that he was a different person compared to what I had seen of him 5 years back. So, I asked him what was the shift in him. He did answer that he had become more grateful now and made it a point to atleast list out 3-4 things, which did go well that day in his gratitude journal.

Now, this was gold for me. With research backing that Grateful people are 25% more happier in their life, it is just about conditioning your mind to see the good things in life. Yes, there are always negative people, incidents and situations around us. You can refer my previous blog why living with an attitude of gratitude can make a huge difference to help you see through the clutter.

We can either choose t be influenced by them or ignore them completely and focus on the good things happening to you. When you train your brain to look for good in life then you will be surprised that good things will begin to happen to you. You can call this Law of attraction or Karma. But the fact of the matter is that what you see in the world is bound to happen to you sooner than later.

Now I have deliberately kept this blog article to only 3 techniques for a reason. I would like to challenge each one of you reading this article to work on yourself through this 3-step process, work on the thoughts which are holding you back and stopping you from living your true version.

I will guarantee you that you will see some massive shifts in your own thought process in a matter of minutes. What you might be struggling to deal with over the years can just about crumble in a matter of hours. You have got nothing to lose but everything to gain here.

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