3 Steps To Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like It

Motivation is simply the energy that drives discipline. When someone sets a goal and determines to be successful in it, motivation is what drives them.

You may have set a fantastic goal, built a great plan and feel determined to work on your goals each and every day.

But without motivation, you will not be able to go far in the right direction.

Let me quickly share the story of my friend Ajay…

Ajay came to me and confided that he had tried all the ways and means to expand his business over the years but failed miserably because he wasn’t consistent and disciplined.

Eventually, he ran out of motivation and he didn’t feel like continuing anymore.

That’s when he asked me…

“Satish, how can I develop the motivation to jump out of bed each and every day with enthusiasm and give my best at work? How can I pull myself back again”?

His question made me think over my own behaviors and actions.

There are a lot of things I do right now such as…

  • Writing my book
  • Sharing my thoughts on social media
  • Coaching clients
  • Giving seminars
  • Writing blogs
  • Doing my morning 5K runs
  • And so on…

I do all of these things with 100% involvement. But I don’t feel the need to push myself. It’s just something that I naturally do.

… But for most people, doing their work, taking care of their business and exercising seems like a real chore.

They just avoid it. They have to push themselves with all kinds of real and artificial threats to get them to do simple things.


The answer surely lies in motivation.

Motivation is simply the energy that drives discipline. When someone sets a goal and determines to be successful in any endeavor, motivation is what drives them.

Everyone can be excited at the beginning of the journey.

However, the battle is won in those moments when you have setbacks, encounter obstacles, or really just, “don’t feel like it.”

If this sounds familiar to you, read on.

One thing I always tell my clients is that you cannot be always motivated.

There will be moments when you set out to do something BIG, you feel that you do not wish to do it. Your heart is a canker when you’re trying to do it.

That’s when you need to dig deep down and find the motivation or the energy to be focused – the discipline that allows you to accomplish your goals.

There are a zillion different methods that you can use to raise your motivation. I’ll quickly share with you a few things that have worked for me and my clients….

#1 Eliminate Chances Of Failure

For most people who set goals with determination, they don’t fail intentionally. It’s usually their environment that tempts or distracts them and causes them to fail.

If you have a habit of lighting up a cigarette first thing in the morning, then you’ll continue to smoke the cigarette as soon as you wake up. It doesn’t matter even if you leave the cigarette in the other room. You’ll naturally be tempted to pick it up.

The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you do not preserve any cigarettes at all. Throw them out.

Force yourself to go and buy the cigarette manually.

It’s pretty simple…

If you really want to succeed at developing a new habit or behavior pattern, you need to look at eliminating all chances of failure.

How can one expect a seed to become a plant or an oak tree if the ground around the seed is unclean and dirty?

First, begin by cleaning up the ground. And then plant the seed.

Before trying to embark on a new behavior, look around your environment to find circumstances or events that may cause you to fail/give up.

Clean them up first and then begin your journey.

#2 What Is Your WHY?

If you’re looking to do something BIG without a crystal clear end in mind, you are doomed to run out of motivation.

Before getting into any endeavor, be sure to know what drives you, so it can keep you going.

Take some time out and identify the real reason why you’re doing what you want to do in the first place.

Once you’re aware of the destination that you’re headed towards, it’s a lot easier to get to work.

#3 Be Accountable

Accountability is taking ownership for the results/actions in your life or for a particular situation. Your level of accountability determines your level of proactivity.

The best form of accountability is the accountability to one’s own self. However, for most people, as they move up and grow older, this tends to taper down.

This can considerably affect your motivation,especially when you’re confronted with actions/situations that you don’t want to take.

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable. They will be able to listen to you, give you the support and motivation when you need it the most.

Coaching is one way to gain this accountability. Working with a coach who  is non-judgmental and  can listen to your frustrations and guide you along is one of the easiest ways to regain your accountability and zeal for life.

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