3 Sure fire Strategies To Alleviate Your Stress At Work

For most corporate executives, their typical work day is jam-packed with activity comprising of meetings, hundreds of emails, phone calls and tasks that all require an urgent response.

The constant activity and quick switch of focus from one thing to another leaves many frustrated and overwhelmed. Such kinds of pressure cooker situations can easily shoot up your blood pressure levels and cause you to crash once and for all.

And here’s the BIG issue… these pressure cooker situations are not going to go away.

For as long as you are working, you will be bombarded with an endless list of to-dos and activities that you need to keep working on.

Most people frantically believe that if they get X done, they’ll get some free time off. But before you get your X done, you will be bombarded with task Y and Z and be expected to complete that as well.

The freedom that you expect from your work is never going to come your way. The only one who can give yourself the freedom you need is YOU.

… And this is accomplished by moving through your work in a calm, focussed manner and systematically unwinding from all work.

With that said, here are 3 surefire strategies to alleviate your stress and move through work in a calm, focussed manner…

Manage Your Breath:

Take a deep breath. Hold it. Now let it out … slowly. Try counting to 10 as you let out your breath. Feel the tension and stress flowing out of you with your breath. Repeat 3-10 times, as necessary.

Constant sitting and increased anxiety (caused by various tasks) leads to shallow and fast breathing. Shallow and fast breathing increases your stress level and inhibits your ability to focus on things in an uninterrupted manner.

The most effective thing you can do is to go away every now and then, exhale and take a few deep breaths and return to your desk.

Practicing this for 10 – 15 minutes a day will improve your ability to think clearly and alleviate anxiety.

Use Your Washroom Breaks Productively:

Even though most of us visit washrooms for a specific reason, there is also something else one can do to bust the stress. Take a few more minutes and visualize letting go off all the stress that is bothering you.

See it leaving your body and going away as you wash your hands. Make it a habit every time you visit the washroom. This is an extremely powerful way to condition your mind to NOT internalise the stress.

Step Outdoors:

If you aren’t stepping out into the Sun every now and then while working at your office, you are setting yourself up for a BIG crash. Do what you have to do to actually step out of the office and spend a few minutes enjoying the natural sunlight and fresh air.

Connect with the nature and the beauty that’s around you. Cherish these breaks. Close your eyes and truly enjoy them. When you return to work, you will find yourself more focussed and effective.

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