3 tips to be a smart learner

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to do the same things and are bound to get the same results. When it comes to learning an empowering habit or action, it is imperative, that we work towards learning a smarter way of reaching our goal.

I have observed that inculcating a habit is not rocket science, but requires a pragmatic approach. With focus & clarity one can swim against the tide. Smart learners need to approach the challenge with a can do attitude. Some of the ways you can begin to work towards being a smart learner be it working on your biggest challenge or habit change  are –

They connect the dots:

Smart learners use every occasion to learn something new. There is always a great opportunity out there to look at things around and figure out a better way of doing the same mundane things. Asking questions, will more often than not get you to the right answers.

When so much knowledge around us is available at the click of a finger, it is imperative that one does not go overboard with info and quickly connect with the dots.The sooner you develop, the art of connecting the dot the lesser you spend time in evolving.

They are not complacent:

One of the key traits to work smart is to understand that the knowledge & skills acquired are not merely to impress others. The passion within them, is what drives them to acquire more knowledge. This in turn drives them to get good at what they are doing.I remember working with many a clients who with working on their passion have evolved as experts in their respective fields & domain.

Knowing their limitation is the key & accepting that they do not know something is the hallmark of a smart learner.They work on knowing that every expert was once a beginner.

They build on support structure:

One of the key aspects of a smart learner is that they know that they need to work with like minded people who inspire them. Connecting with the right kind of people is a crucial step in their success story. They know that they are at their best when they are relaxed and have a non judgemental mentor around them when they are navigating their journey.

This is where, working with a professional coach is one of the “smartest move” smart learners make in most of the cases. You can also do the same if you are looking at working smart with your challenges. You could speak to me for a “Free Introductory Call” and get to know how you can increase your success rate by working with a Professional coach.

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