3 Warning Signs That You’re Working Too Hard

Let’s say you have some money set aside and are looking to invest it in a fund.

If you’re a prude investor, you’ll carefully explore alternate options, the risks involved and the total ROI % you’re going to get from your investment.

Ideally, you’ll look at an investment option that:

  • Requires as little work as possible from your side
  • Gets the highest possible return
  • With little risk

Those would be the 3 keys you’d use when making your decision.

And that’s the same approach you need to take in your personal life as well.

But I’ve seen many executives and entrepreneurs whose PRIMARY goal is to be super-successful. They commit all-in towards their work and totally forget about their personal lives.

… While this certainly helps them achieve a lot in a short period of time, they lose ground sooner than later  and burn out pretty fast.

I’ve seen many people like this… especially my clients who’ve now come to me to help them integrate their personal and professional life successfully.

You might want to be super-successful… But it’s also important to take a look at your life from a balanced, integrated perspective.

Here are 3 important signs to watch out for so you can avoid the trap…

There’s Nothing Called Family Time:

A few years ago, I used to see my family only a couple of times each week. Almost 10 – 13 hours of my day was spent at work  or outside  working on one project after another.

I justified my actions saying that it’s ok to put career ahead of personal life during my younger years and I’d have lots of time for family and socializing as I grow older.

That’s a white lie because as time passes by, here’s what will happen:

  • You will NOT be there to spend time with family (Burnt out  or health issues)


  • You will NOT have a family to spend time with (They’d have moved on)

Stress and Anxiety Are Your Best Friends:

There are some clients that I work with who just can’t seem to shut themselves from work when they lie down to sleep. They are constantly thinking of the issues and challenges for the next day and never get the sleep they need.

They have serious trouble disengaging from work. This leads to increased stress and anxiety which in turn leads to a whole lot of complications.

Your Gadgets Are Always On:

Almost every one of us from 15 – 65 years have now become more and more dependent on electronic gadgets.

But the addiction is quite common among individuals who continually try to push themselves ahead in their career. They are addicted to their gadgets and are continuously trying to stay in touch with what’s happening at work.

The new information that keeps coming in triggers the pleasure centers in your brain and this further drives the addiction.

That’s the PRIMARY reason why many people have serious trouble disengaging themselves as they lie down to sleep.

I always tell my clients to let it go, to drop the gadget and focus on having a real conversation with someone. You can begin by creating a few hours each day – which becomes your “ME” time – where you eliminate all kinds of electronic gadgets and focus on the present reality.

Can you relate to any of the 3 warning signs above? Are you worried that you’re probably working too hard to be successful and are barely getting by?

Then pay close attention here…

Life is more than just financial success.

If the only relationships that you have developed in your life are at your work place, it’s time to step back and take a closer look at the situation.

Most workaholics enjoy massive financial success but have absolutely zero or no social life. As a result, they still continue to feel unfulfilled and cranky.

It’s important to have a few TRUE friends outside of work. They act as neutral observers and can tell you when you’re working way more than required.

On the other hand, your business or work colleagues will ONLY encourage you to reap in more and more rewards.

How to break this crash and burn cycle of workaholism?

It’s important to succeed professionally and personally. You can’t be successful in just one area.

For example:

  • It doesn’t make sense to have a lot of money and not have any loved ones around to spend time with
  • Nor does it make sense to have wonderful relationships with people but you constantly worry about money and making your ends meet

The key is to integrate your personal life and professional life in such a way that you get more done in less time, avoid burnouts and double your time off.

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