4 Key Traits Of Highly Successful People

Over the years, I have personally worked with various successful people… some of whom are pioneers in their respective fields and from those experiences, I have come to one conclusion:

Successful people operate differently. They have certain key habits that they’ve learned and inculcated over the years which makes them stand out from others. And these habits is what makes them who they are.

The best part about these habits is that they are all patterns of the mind. They are all learnable and if you are willing to find out what these traits are and are willing to practice them until they become a habit, you too will become unstoppable.

With that said, here are 4 key traits highly successful people possess that makes them unstoppable…

Burn your ship:

When ‘Alexander – The Great’ reached the Persian Shores, he found that the opposition’s army outnumbered his own. He immediately ordered his men to burn all the ships they had in possession… thereby eliminating all chances of retreat.

He told his men, “Look at all those boats going up in smoke. It means that we can’t return home unless we build new boats. So we either win or we perish”. The entire army fought the war like possessed men and won an emphatic victory.

And this lesson can be applied to your daily life as well. If you want to become wildly successful and get everything you want, you better learn to burn your safety nets.

This has worked tremendously well for me. I burned my own safety net and got out there. This enabled me to give my best and succeed, because there was literally no backup.

We do tend to dig into our deepest resources always, when we approach life with a perception of total 100% commitment.

Focussed Effort Is What Helps You Get Ahead:

Burning your bridges is one thing – it will give you the determination and drive to succeed but it won’t help you achieve your goal all on its own.

There are many people that lead their lives with no safety nets. They’re right out on the streets and they have nothing else to do but to succeed. But they don’t.

And do you know why? It’s because they are not focussed. Burning your bridges alone won’t get you to your goal. You’ll have to back it up with tremendous amounts of focussed effort.

If you don’t believe in the power of focussed effort, I strongly recommend that you pick up a magnifying glass, place a piece of paper underneath it and allow the sun rays through the lense  to do their magic. You’ll immediately realize the power of focus once and for all.

Most people have their energies, thoughts and ideas scattered. And that’s why some of the most creative and talented people never really accomplish much in their lives.

The most successful people… even though they are not supremely talented, make up for their shortcomings through persistent focussed effort. There are no shortcuts on the road to success. It’s not an overnight journey.

In order to succeed, you need persistence, clarity and vision. And if you don’t work hard to develop these qualities, you will be doomed to submit to the whims, fancies and wants of the people who do have these qualities.

Begin With The End In Mind:

Another key trait that some of the most successful people possess is that they are very clear about what they want. They don’t say, “I hope to have this some day” or “I expect to have it by this date hopefully”. They say, “I’m going to have this in my life and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get it” and then they begin right away.

Average people set goals and approach it like a fantasy. Winners set goals and approach it like a war. The question is… whether you want to be a winner or an average person?

If you want to be a winner, I strongly recommend that you take the time out to figure out exactly what you want, reverse engineer the steps you need to get there and start taking those steps day after day.

Making significant strides in life, career or any field is possible when you begin with an end in mind – i.e. the goal of where you want to get to.

Another thing I have noticed is that, those people with absolutely clear, specific goals have more energy and motivation than individuals with vague goals and objectives. The increased energy and motivation actually enables them to make better decisions… which in turn takes them to success faster.

Be Your Very Best Salesperson:

In order to become a highly successful individual, you need to learn to be your very best salesperson. You need to be able to sell yourself – whether it be in terms of convincing other people to work with you, overcoming objections or charging what you’re worth.

Another reason why you need to be your very best salesperson is because you can’t do/handle everything in life. Our life is too short and there only a limited number of things that we can focus on and do.

When you are your very best sales person, you will begin to prioritize and begin to focus on only those areas that make a difference in your life. Selling is the foundation of personal and business success.

If you are someone that looks at selling through a lens of fear and doubt, you better change yourself right now… because it’s not going to help you.

When you master this art, you will be able to maintain your confidence and self-esteem in the face of rejection and this will actually empower you to go after more opportunities.

You will begin to communicate with the other people without leaning on your ego. The other person can be your partner, boss or even a competitor in your line of business. It works the same across the board.

I firmly believe that this is the most prosperous time in all of human history. There never has been more opportunity like today for each and every one of us to be successful than ever before.

The real question is – are you willing to take the opportunities and do what it takes to succeed?

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