5 Easy Ways To Burn More Fat And Get Lean

To sustain good health it is imperative that you develop some key good habits, which will help you to lose weight or in some cases simply maintain the weight loss which you have already achieved.

Over the year’s working with some of the biggest corporate executives and Business Entrepreneurs I have realized that it is imperative that one keeps this habit as simple as possible,to trick the mind to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Some habits are easier to incorporate into your daily routine while others require more persistence in the time leading up to them becoming habits.

In forming good habits for weight loss, it’s important to maintain a patient and persistent attitude for long term results.

Here are five habits for weight loss which has worked wonderfully well to most of my own clients over the years  to incorporate into your daily routine.

See which of these you can relate to and if possible add one new positive healthy habit a month to see some incremental growth.

Crank Your Metabolism First Thing In Morning:

Are you aware that you are completely dehydrated in the morning? Yes this is because most of us would not have had any water since we went to bed.

Dehydration is one of the main reason which slows down metabolism and cripples fat loss.

This can be negated when you begin your day with a big glass or two of plain water which is found to crank up your metabolism by 30-40 % in less than an hour.

I personally have a big gulp of water everyday first thing in the morning  without  fail.

Burn More Calories By Eating More Protein:

Yes you did read it right. You can actually burn more calories by eating more. I am not surprised if you are rolling your eyes. What I do mean is eating more of protein.

Simple change of the choice of food you are having everyday can help you burn more fat.

Your body has to work harder to digest protein than carbs or fat, so you’ll burn more calories by skewing your meals protein-heavy. I always recommend my Clients to stick to the thumb rule of aiming for 1gm  of Protein per Kg of body weight.

So for example you are someone who is 75 Kgs then stick to about 60-75 gm of protein from natural source of food.

Swap regular tea/coffee with green tea:

 I have been a big advocate of green tea from many years and love the fact that it has almost 0 calories. Not only its high in antioxidants but also by adding a tinge of lime to it, you can skyrocket your fat burn mode.

There are many benefits of having green tea but the one which is the most beneficial according to me is that it plays a big role improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, which is proven to enhance your body’s ability to store calories as muscle rather than fat.

Try intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting is something which you would have seen me point out in my Social media posts. Click on this link to connect with me through social media.

What I do mean by intermittent fast is that you go hungry for about 12-16 hours couple of times a week.

I would recommend this to be done during later part of the evening or on a holiday, when one’s activity is bare minimum. The crux of this habit is that by lengthening the time between meals, you can elevate your insulin sensitivity and in turn burn more fat.

Regulate Your Stress Levels:

You might do all of the above points mentioned and more but if you do not get a grip on managing your stress level then you can as well kiss losing weight & becoming healthy a good bye.

It is proven again and again that “unregulated stress” is the number one reason for weight gain and emotional turbulence.

In fact I have seen some amazing results with my own clients in less than 4 weeks, when they began to regulate their own stress levels. Believe me that there is no substitute for a life with a manageable amount of stress.

Get to the bottom of your stressors in your own life and deal with it accordingly.

Evenings should always be spent being relaxed, doing the things you love doing not bogged down in a quagmire of anxiety and stress that triggers your unhealthy habits and substance abuse.

If you still feel that you have tried all approach but failed to burn more fat and become healthy, then just click on the link below to fix up a strategy call with me. I will help you get going in no time.

Yes, I Want To Burn More Fat & Become Lean

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