5 Signs To Look Out for Before You Quit Your Boss

I am sure that you have heard these words that “People do not quit their jobs but quit their boss” Well this can’t be more true in the present time we are living.If you are an employee, then one of the most important signs you need to look out for is to when to quit your boss. Over the years working with hundreds of executives has given me some great insights on the Top 5 signs to look out for before you derail your professional growth.

1.Your Boss’s Own Growth Is Going South

One of the easiest flags you should notice is if your own boss is not growing. If he/she has been side-lined for other people within or outside the organisation.

Most of the people fail to notice this flag because they are too close to the situation. At times it does help to step away from the situation and see it through a new perspective.

When you look at the same situation through a different perspective, I am more than certain that you will notice things which you would have not noticed before.

2. You have a Helicopter Boss:

Yes, you got it right I did coin the above words taking the reference from “Helicopter Moms” I know how frustrating it can be when you have someone always breathing down one’s neck. It is next to impossible to be more creative or not keep looking behind the shoulder.

I remember Coaching Kent Xavier couple of years back and he was a stellar performer till such time he got promoted and ended up working to a Helicopter Boss.

Kent was not used to working in this kind of environment, but his boss was a veteran in the industry and was not someone who would change his traits for a young upcoming leader. When everything else failed, Kent before resigning from his otherwise great role, did reach out to me and we did begin to work around it to get to his professional goals.

Long story short Kent is in his boss’s role right now and driving a global team and Yes doing extremely well.

When is it actually right to be a helicopter boss? This article does share some insights about the same.

3.Your Boss Makes You feel Undervalued

If you are working with a Boss who always pushes his/her agenda and does not have a moral compass to get to what he/she does want then sooner than later this is bound to chip away on your own moral values.

I know some people who do certain things within the accepted norms to get things done in an organisation, but when it comes to working for a boss whose one agenda is to get to the finish line with whatever it does take then it is time to take a relook at your own values and how much time and effort you have put in to get to where you are right now.

When I worked for a boss who was from the services one thing which did make up for all the shortcomings of him at that point of time was standing by the truth. No matter what was the situation he never did back away from telling the truth. This is also a strong trait with which I had built my own career, and this made me connect with him at a different level altogether.

When you work with someone who compromises on the values you believe in strongly, then it does begin to chip at the soul which I am sure you can also make out when you look at someone in the eye.

4.Your Boss Is Always Critical

If you keep working with someone who is always critical of your work unfortunately you will begin to believe those words. Yes I am aware that it is important to be critical at times if you are planning to be a strong leader, however making it an all-time tone is not going to help anyone especially people looking up to you.

When one is exposed to critical feedback all the time it is bound to affect his/her confidence and often I have seen some talented executives going on a downward negative rabbit hole.

According to my own personal experience of more than 2 decades of Interaction with the corporate industry “It is one of the top reasons for Erosion of EQ of employees”.

This might help you understand where a fine line exists between criticism and giving effective feedback.

5. Your Boss stops you from growing

Yes, when your boss is someone who looks the world through the lenses of Jealousy, hatred, and favouritism then it is time to look at an exit road either from reporting to him/her or from the organisation itself.

I have come across many bosses who do this without knowing. Yes, you did read it right. They are operating more from the subconscious level because of the way they are wired up. For your boss this is normal but for you who is reporting to him/her it is a no-win situation.

Now the above 5 signs I have shared with each one of you are just what I do think are something which you might have to be aware to flag down to grow professionally.

However, I also do know that quitting the job is not something which is on top of your list, however you might want to work on building your working relationship with your boss.

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