5 Step Process Guaranteed To Boost Your Self Confidence

Over the years I have  come across many top level executives or Entrepreneurs who have worked hard to get to the top  but somewhere down the line, certain incidents or life experiences would have dented their own self confidence which would have spiraled them downwards.

Most of them like you would have worked on the usual strategies like working on their positive thought process, work on realistic goals etc…. However what I am going to talk about in this blog is something that I have used with my own clients over the years which has given some amazing results. Read on to find out more and probably use it in your respective journey.

As you are aware that our actions and thoughts does play a critical role in how we see ourselves internally and that is something which I am extremely passionate about.

Some of these action steps is bound to activate your physiology and senses to the maximum. This according to me is far more effective and proven to give you results in double quick time. To begin with

Your Body Language influences your confidence:

Do you see yourself slouched, head & shoulder drooping? If yes then I will guarantee you that you are more than certain to be low in confidence mode  for most of the time.

It is imperative to consciously work on displaying a confident pose which is to have an open position, with your arms out and head and shoulder in a dominant stance.

It does take some practice but worth the effort in gold. Recent research has backed that by just changing you stance you are communicating to your brain to pump in more of testosterone, decrease cortisol and eventually increase the confidence level.

Keep a sharp eye on what you wear:

I am a big believer of  the thought “cloth does make a man/women”. What we wear is the first visual cue people around us notices and the window to make an impact is just about a few seconds.

Research does back the theory that wearing appropriate clothing does impact the thoughts and moods of the wearer, leading to increased confidence and eventually making the person perceive themselves to be physically stronger, more likable and to certain extent even superior to others.

I do believe that choosing the right clothes for the situation can have a significant impact on our performance, mood and confidence levels.

Work on your Non Verbal Cues:

Humans are tuned to pick on Nonverbal cues by default and every time we are observing the other persons nonverbal communication. It is also the most effective ways of connecting with people within the first few seconds.

Two most important nonverbal cue anyone can work on is making eye contact and smiling with confidence. It is a proven confidence builder over the years which I have used personally in my own journey.

Your Olfactory cues also influences self-confidence:

Olfactory is nothing but how we connect to the environment through the sense of smell. In most of us, the sense of smell is the strongest and I am pretty convinced that it does play a big role in how we perceive others and ourselves.

It is also backed by research that men/women who used body spray exhibited an increase in both self-confidence and self-perceived attractiveness.

An individual’s personal odor and the perfume product chosen thus influence both self-perception and impressions formed by others.

“In other words, it’s not just the smell itself that others are responding to, but to the increased confidence “you exhibit” when you know you smell good.

Exercise outside:  

If you have been reading my blogs over the years you would have noticed that I have been writing that exercise does play a critical role on our mood and self-esteem.

When you begin to be healthy from the inside out it is bound to improve your perception on yourself.

However I have gone one step ahead when it comes to working on the self-confidence of my own clients over the years. I gently nudge them at least couple of days in a week to take their exercise regimen outside knowing that it is certain to influence their own confidence levels.

So the next time you feel your own confidence level waning then do not forget to take your exercise routine outside.

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