5 Things To Do Before Breakfast To Win Every Day.

Over the last few weeks I have been personally interviewing some of the biggest CEO’s & Business Entrepreneurs for my upcoming book and the one factor which is not surprising and the common denominator is the way each one of them manage the first couple of hours in the morning.

For those of you looking at finding your professional or personal  success, it is imperative that you do take a close look  and set aside your first few hours of the day to invest in your top priority activity before other people’s priorities do come rushing in.

Some of the things you can begin to emulate from now on …

Rise Before The Sun: 

Waking up early is one of the most productive steps which each one of you can take. I have been an early riser myself and words can’t explain as to how much your productivity increases by just waking up early.

Time is precious to all of us and it is the early morning hour which is in our absolute control where we can give our 100 percent to our biggest goals.

Schedule Your Exercise:  

All the successful people with whom I have interacted very closely over the years have always made it a point to schedule their exercise regime mostly  in the morning. Exercise can be an hour of brisk walking, yoga or even a run around your apartment.

What each one of you want to do is your prerogative. If some of the most successful people who are incredibly busy can make time for exercise I presume that they do know that it does play a big role in influencing their success quotient.

Carve Out Some Family Time:  

Spending some quality time with family  is one of the most common “must-do”s I did come across during my interaction with the Super Successful. This could be having breakfast with the family, helping the spouse in the kitchen or playing with the kids.

What you do again is not important. Carving out some time everyday does help you in my opinion to be more empathetic and forthcoming. This, according to me is the hallmark of a great leader and it all begins at home.

I, more often than not do hear that “Me time with family” is the most precious time for each of them  and it does energize them to a great extent.

Meditate to channelize your thoughts:  

When you are driving large teams or working on big goals, it is imperative to work with a calm mind and nothing can take you closer to it than meditation does. Even spending 15-20 minutes every day just meditating is bound to convince you that it is one of the most life-enhancing practices.

Even if you are someone who is not religious like me, there are ways to just focus on your breath and align your thoughts from the inside out. “The time spent is worth it’s weight in gold and you will be more focused and productive” is what I do hear repeatedly which I believe is absolutely true.

Work on your passion:  

I was not surprised to hear from many of the super successful people over the months that they do spend some time working on their passion early in the morning. Most of them did make some time each and every day to work on their personal project.

Some of them worked on learning a new language,a new skill or even working on their Entrepreneurial road map. They did believe that working a little everyday on their passion is more sustaining and fulfilling than in sporadic intense bursts.

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