5 Things You Can Do Starting Today To Get More Done

Would you like to learn how to get more done? Do you struggle to keep up with your commitments despite of having the best intentions?

The inability to get stuff done is a pandemic in our modern society. More and more people are struggling from information overload and paralysis.

They know what they need to do but they don’t seem to have the time or the motivation to do it.

If you feel that way, you’re not alone.

Not so long ago, I was in your shoes too.

And that’s exactly what I tell all of my coaching clients. Many of them suffer from procrastination, lack of concentration and various other issues.

They are all amazed at how much I get done on a day to day basis.

A typical week for me is incredibly hectic with lots and lots of work… at the same time; it’s also rejuvenating and feels like a vacation.

Here’s just a small sample of what I accomplish on a weekly basis…

  • Write daily
  • Perform 2 personal In-Person coaching sessions
  • Work on my latest book (about 1000  words/week)
  • 8 – 10 virtual coaching calls/week (about 1 – 1.5 hrs. each)
  • Prepare for and do speaking engagements

On a personal level…

  • Workout 4-5  times a week
  • Network and socialize with friends
  • Weekly 2- 3 morning runs
  • Practice yoga 3-4 times a week
  • Get 6 – 7 hours sleep per night

You see… just the things that I do with respect to my work and business can overwhelm a lot of people and burn them out.

I would have felt the burn out too. But since I pay equal attention to my personal life and balance them in the right proportion, it’s easy for me.

And that’s what you need to be doing.

With that said, here are 5 things you can do starting today to get more done…

Work On Your #1 Priority:

One of the things I learned very early in my career is to identify my  #1 priority and work on it with a bull-dog attitude.

It’s not about identifying multiple priorities and trying to work on them one after another. Rather, it’s about identifying the ONE thing.

The ONE thing that if done, will make the biggest difference. Your job is to work on that ONE thing until it’s completed.

And then if you have time, you can work on the other things.

In my career, I have made a conscious decision to be a full-time author, speaker and coach. I enjoy working with and helping entrepreneurs and corporate executives get the results they want.

And that’s my primary vision and priority. I’m devoted towards just this ONE thing and ignore everything else that prevents me from focusing on that.

Don’t Take On More Than You Can Handle:

There are a lot of opportunities that will knock at your door – new clients, new engagements and so on. But it’s up to you ensure that you don’t take on more than you can handle.

Now as the opportunities turn up, I could do 12 – 15  coaching calls a week instead of the proposed 8. But I don’t do it.

Here’s why…

Sticking with just those 8 calls a week allows me to be effective. I’m able to find time for socializing, working out and relaxing with my friends.

But if I take on more than that, it might put more money in my pocket but it wouldn’t make my life enjoyable.I would be making a big compromise.

And in no time at all, I’ll lose the motivation I have and not be able to carry on.

So make sure that you set constraints and limitations on yourself and reward yourself with appropriate pleasures.

Engage In Constructive Pleasures:

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – This is the reason why a lot of people struggle with motivation and energy issues.

An effective day should integrate work and play together. But it can’t both be equal. Nobody has the liberty to engage in “Play” for 8 hours a day.

However, we can intentionally set aside time to engage in pleasures that truly satisfy our whims and relax us.

And when you’re choosing between pleasures, it makes sense to engage in constructive pleasures. For example – instead of spending 2 hours in your evenings watching TV, why don’t you hit the gym for 45 minutes instead?

The gym will give you the same enjoyment as the TV gives (in fact better). But the former is constructive whereas the latter isn’t that constructive in my opinion.

Manage The Time Vampires:

There are lots of things in our life that act as time vampires. They just suck time out of our life without our permission.

For some, it can take the form of humans (friends, colleagues) or activities such as social media, excess reading and so on.

Even though some of these things are important, they can turn out to be your biggest time-vampires and hamper your productivity.

Learning how to manage your time vampires is a skill that you have to learn by yourself based on your unique situation. However, it’s very easy if you’re aware of what’s sucking your time and can take conscious efforts towards reducing it.

Never Beat Yourself Up:

On certain days, despite of employing all the above mentioned strategies, I’m still not able to get stuff done. When this happens, it’s important NOT to beat yourself up and just accept yourself.

The world didn’t come to an end just because you left something undone. Celebrate your progress and just keep working towards your goals.

Take some rest and come back renewed for another productive day.

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Yours Sincerely,

Satish Rao

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