5 Ways To Turn Back The Clock In Less Than 8 Weeks

Do you remember your wonder years? For most like me it would have been wanting to get older, have the freedom to do whatever we wanted and not be answerable to parents and siblings. There were times during my teen days I used to look at older friends and relatives and envied their self-assurance and confidence.

Well let’s come back to the present time and many like me wish that we could Turn back the clock. If you are like me who grew up watching Back to the future and wished there was someone like Dr Brown who helped Marty to turn the clock back, then you are in for some luck. I hear this often “Satish I only wish I could Turn Back The Clock” at least once.

So here I am trying to tell you that it is possible to Turn back your clock if not like Marty but at least in some areas of your life, which does have a big impact going forward. Read on to begin your own journey of Turning Back Your Clock.

Turning back the clock has got research backing to prove that one can make changes at the cellular level in less than 8 weeks by working on what & when you eat and your daily habits. When I am talking about the change at the cellular level I mean Telomeres. Now Telomeres are nothing but bundles of DNA that cap our chromosomes. When a change does happen at this level, you know how big the impact would be.

By focusing on small changes to your lifestyle you can curtail the process of damage at this level and get back to your wonder years. Some of the areas to focus will be

Your Gut Bacteria Is Your Best Friend

Are you aware that there are millions of good bacteria in our gut and without that working in sync with our mind and body, it’s going to be a no show for each one of us. Gut bacteria play a critical role in firing our digestive system and helps in boosting our metabolism. This is one of the reasons I always insist my own clients to include at least 1-2 servings of plain yogurt in their daily intake.

By eating good bacteria, you are keeping the ones in the digestive system replenished. Remember where these is good there is bound to be bad. So, the idea here is to always ensure the good bacteria are more in numbers to counter any threats, from the bad bacteria, which can cripple our system in no time. Watch this small video to learn more on how it all works.

Avoid White Sugar Completely  

White sugar is one of the most addictive substances in Indian kitchens. No wonder it’s called the white bomb. The havoc it does play on our Physical & Emotional wellbeing needs to be read to be believed. I have personally moved away from having anything with processed sugar completely and there will be at times days or weeks before I have a spoon of sugar.

Watch this video to know how sugar can harm us.

However, a decade back it was a different story for me. I had sugar added to my Tea/coffee and did not think twice before digging into couple of sweets a day. However, once I began to restrict myself completely, my own thought process and metabolism have begun to move in the right direction.

There is enough research which does prove that consuming sugary drinks on a regular basis does drastically increase cell aging. You can imagine as to what can happen to you if the cells in your body begins aging sooner than its supposed to be. This article does give some great insights.

Don’t Shy Away From Strength Training

Are you aware that working in the gym and lifting weights has proven to strengthen bones and boost your mood and confidence? Well if you are serious about working to your potential many years from now, then it is imperative that you begin to work on strength training. I am a big believer of strength training and personally spend at least 4-5 days in a week lifting weights. Some of the most long lasting effects of strength training according to me would be

  1. Strengthens your bones and muscles
  2. Helps in enhancing your mood
  3. Spikes your metabolism
  4. Helps in calorie burn for the next 12-15 hours
  5. Helps in being disciplined and focused in your approach

I always do tell my own clients irrespective of men or women to inculcate the habit of strength training and for all the women reading this, do not worry about developing big muscles. It is not bound to happen. However, what will happen for the women readers is that you will tone up your body and I will guarantee you that there will always be an afterglow.

This article by Harvard does give some great insights on Strength Training.

Meditation Is Your Nirvana

Daily meditation has become more of a habit than a task for me over the years. Some of my biggest ideas and answers are always found through meditation. I am a big advocate of daily meditation and there is no one way to begin meditation. As with any good habit, begin small and you can build it into one of your go to habit in the years to come. You can refer my previous blog to help you with this habit.

Once you begin to meditate, it is that much easier to gain entry into the subconscious mind where some of your biggest gains will happen. Some of the top High performing executives and athletes over the years swear by meditation and there is no reason as to why you cannot gain from it in your respective spheres. Watch this video about how Meditation can help you in this aspect.

Create Opportunities To Help Others

Helping others without expecting anything in return is one of the fastest ways to help yourself reduce unregulated stress and in turn kick in the building up of oxytocin and progesterone. These are the good chemicals which our brain does produce naturally. The effect of this is a research on its own.

However keeping to the topic of this blog article, it fires your brain to a happy state and more importantly help you be grounded during tiring times. Believe me, this state is priceless when it comes to working on taking some big decisions in your high-profile jobs.

Now when I say helping others, it need not necessarily mean help others in a big way. There are plenty of things which you can do in your daily life to lift somebody. Some of the things I do it without batting an eyelid is to

  1. Help an elderly person cross a road
  2. Make someone smile
  3. Carry the grocery bag of someone struggling
  4. Give a patient hearing to someone going through a difficult phase in life
  5. Talk to someone nicely and make him/her feel happy

Now these are some of the things I do which make me feel happy. You could find your own ways to help someone. This can be in your immediate circle or even to someone who is outside it. What is important in this aspect is that you are doing something good to someone without expecting anything in return.

It might sound difficult to you now, but believe me once you take the first steps in this direction you will be kicking yourself as to why you did not practice this before. You can refer this brilliant article to work on your empathy muscle. It’s long but worth a read. However if you are short for time then this quick video is a good place to begin with.

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