7 Powerful Ways to Insulate Yourself From Negative Energy

Negativism is something which is all around us. I always believe that each one of us do have a choice to either walk away from it or sink along with it. However, one thing is for certain – there is never an easy situation to be around Negativism.

For starters – Negativism can be extremely toxic, detrimental, push you towards cynicism and eventually change your mindset towards defeatism. If you are unfortunately stuck in a situation, where there is ample negative energy either from your partner-worker or even your superior, then it’s time to begin to protect yourself from sinking any further.

Over the years, I have come across many a situation where I have worked with clients facing Negativity and working with them closely has given me some insights as to which does work and which does not. You need not have to reinvent the wheel.

I have picked the 7 best strategies which does work for just about anybody to insulate yourself from negativism and protect yourself.

Operate out of faith rather than fear

To drastically minimize the impact of negativity, you should strive towards being an optimist. For this, it is imperative that you begin to make positivity your core value.

This is one key shift which I have seen work like magic with most of my clients. When they begin to work from the inside out they begin to realize that they do have more control of the outside environment.

When you begin to work with faith, your mind automatically begins to seek out solutions rather than focus on the problem itself. This is the first step towards insulating yourself completely.

Focus on creating workable solutions

Have you noticed that most of the negative people around you spend considerable productive time on problems rather than solutions? Well, this does not surprise me at all.

They have been conditioned over the years to focus on the problems rather than solutions. This does not necessarily mean that you have to follow them. Remember that this is a one-way street.

What you can begin to do from this moment is to step back and take a relook at the same situation with a workable solution in mind. List out your strengths and physically write them on a paper. Build on simple steps to gain some traction and early momentum. Once this is gained, then it’s easy to move towards the direction you want yourself to be.

Set your own boundary

One of the cardinal mistakes I do see most people doing is that they tend to spend more time around negative people or environment.

Remember these words, “if you do tend to spend more time with disempowering people” then it is bound to seep into your own life and eventually begins to affect your own attitude.

Since you cannot control someone else’s negative behavior you can at the least make an honest effort to keep the engagement to the barest minimum. Negative energy according to me, is one of the most toxic & contagious energies on earth, which can derail any person in his/her journey.

If you expose yourself too much to this energy, it is bound to be a huge distraction/hindrance in you accomplishing greater things in life.

Create a clear roadmap in setting boundaries. This is something which only you can do even if it is your co-worker, superior or at times even your family member.

Treat your Negative thoughts just like a muscle

When I say these words in my Strategic Interventions or during my One on One Coaching, majority of the people do tend to have a surprised look. I am used to this now because just like our own body, each muscle has a finite amount of energy to do a task.

Our mind is one big muscle which can do a Zillion task but with limited energy. If we channelize our own mind in focusing on the negative, then I will guarantee you that in no time you will be Zapped out of energy to push you through the day.

This is extremely counterproductive to our own growth and will leave us with absolute no energy to move forward, as all the wrong energy in the mind would have flamed the wrong momentum.

However, when you begin to focus on the positives around you there is a higher chance of thinking about good things happening around you. This in my experience has more than convinced me that it helps one to move out of the comfort zone far more easily.

Go For A Run

Yes, you read me right. When you are influenced on a regular basis by someone who is negative it is just about high time before you begin to act and think like them. So, to ensure that you do not begin to inculcate these habits it is imperative to flush the toxins from the brain and the best thing you can do is to just go for a run outside.This article outdoor run gives you more than one reason to step up in this area.

Believe me there is magic when you begin to step out of the house in a natural environment. Your thoughts begin to align in the right direction and most importantly you will begin to have absolute clarity of thoughts.

This is one of the key reason I step out couple of times a week and go for my 5 Km run in the mornings. This is also one thing I strongly recommend to High Performance Executives to do if they should take their professional game to the next level.

To add to this more than 50 % of the Top Ceo’s I have interviewed for my book so far have included a good run in their weekly regimen.

One of the top reasons given is a No brainer which is “Running can be just about done anywhere “I did remember one of a CEO of a large Multinational saying that he looks forward to travel around the world, so that he can run in different parts of the globe which he says improves his decision making by 5 folds.

This  article gives you a great indepth insights on How running can influence your thoughts.

Mind – Gut Connect is real

Are you aware that what you eat on a regular basis plays a big role in influencing the thought process? This video by Emeran Mayer give you some great insight.

If you know someone who is having anger issues (which is common in the Corporate world) or a narcissist, then just watch his/her diet. You will be surprised as to what, when and how they consume food plays a decisive role in their behaviors.

In fact, a meal plan rich with Whole grains, fruits and vegetables is not only known to prime your metabolism but also your thought process.

One of the first thing I begin to work on with a Client or group of High Performing Executives is their food intake. I believe that if you are in for the long run, then it is imperative that you watch very closely your food intake. I see many Sr Executives doing the cardinal mistake like these

  •  Not having a healthy breakfast
  •  Having the first meal after 4-5 Hrs.
  •  Having Fast Food on the Go
  •  Having high sugar and Sodium loaded food in the office Cafeteria
  •  Ending the day with a heavy dinner

Now you might be guilty of doing anyone of these or all the above. However, do remember that you cannot sustain yourself in the long run if you do not care about what goes into your mouth. Sooner than later it will gang up with other external environment and pull you down in the prime of your life.

Watch this video Brain in your Gut to get a fair idea as to how food influences your thoughts.

Now I am not trying to scare you about anything in particular, but just sounding out to you that it is far easier to prevent yourself from walking into this trap rather than help you step out from the hole, which you would have dug yourself into.

In fact, if you are already looking at the corner office, then it is just not enough if you focus only on the targets.

Take Care Of Yourself

If you do not take proper care of yourself, then how are you going to take care of hundreds of people who are dependent on you. This is something I ask people with more than decades of work experience, when I work with them as their Executive Coach.

Always remember that it is not Selfish or narrow minded to love yourself, take care of your priority first and give yourself more important in being happy. One of the most Empowering habit you can do from this moment is to practice Self Care, which is guaranteed to help you to be grounded against any under currents or Negative Environment.

I have been personally practicing Self-care over the last decade, before I too was a high stressed Corporate Executive and there has been a world of difference in my own thoughts and focus. Even though I have mastered the art of making time for myself in doing the things I love.

It was never an easy habit when I began this journey. However now I strongly advocate this to each one of my own clients and for those who feel guilty I help them to let go of the guilt feeling and educate them that it Self Care is one of the Top Habits of High-Performance Executive.

I am sure that the above mentioned action steps are certain to help each one of you to start motoring towards your goals. On top of that, you need to work on being your energetic best – physically, mentally and emotionally. You need to be on top of your energy curve.

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