A Good Night’s Sleep – The Gateway To Your Highest Potential

One of the most common challenges off late I do come across with most  my clients is lack of sleep or a phenomenon called as disturbed sleep.

Well, if you are someone who has been struggling over the years for lack of sleep believe me, this is absolutely in your control and there is no known medical reason for most, not getting  a fantastic restful sleep every night.

However, if you do belong to the tribe of not being able to sleep restfully, all is still not lost. I have worked with my clients over the years who had major issues with their sleep cycle and helped them resolve the same.

The following steps if followed diligently, is guaranteed to help you overcome the tide.

Stick to a schedule:

The first thing you need to do is to stick to a tight schedule. Unless your job requires you to be awake and alert during different times of the night, I do not see any reason why you need to play around with your circadian rhythm.

One of the biggest compromises I believe one would be making with an irregular sleep pattern is compromising on one’s emotional & physical well-being.

You have to take the onus for sticking to a schedule no matter what are the pressure points are around you.

I personally go to any extent to stick to my schedule through the week including the weekend.

Stick to 7-9 Hrs. of sleep:

I always tell this in my coaching calls and in my group seminars. Some of the biggest changes do take place when we are asleep and it includes both at the physical & the Emotional aspects of one’s well-being.

Whatever you do in the rest 16-17 hrs. is  not of much significance if you do not dig in your feet and get to the recommended range of restful sleep.

Yes! in today’s times it might sound cynical, but it’s very much a possibility if you do put your mind to it.

Your last meal of the day matters:

One of the most common habits I have seen people develop over time is eating a late, heavy dinner. This one habit is sure to derail your sleep pattern even before hitting the bed.

There might be many reasons for doing this, but you have to develop some kind of ingenuity to ensure that your last meal of the day is at least 2 hours before bedtime and to ensure it is also the smallest meal for the day.

The old saying does sound more applicable here ‘Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince & dinner like a pauper” Remember that when it comes to having dinner you have to be miserly to the T.

Intense workouts late at night should be avoided:

Some of the people do have a habit of working out too late in the night. Well, a casual walk around the block should not make much of a difference. However, pushing yourself to the maximum later during the evening  always means asking for trouble.

On days of extreme physical activity late at night, the metabolism is increased for several hours. This causes the body heat to spike up eventually resulting in delay in getting a good night’s sleep.

Getting a good night sleep is more of a luxury than a norm which I do see in people nowadays. However remember that you can & should be able to be the best version of yourself when you work on the action steps mentioned above.

However if you have already tried most of the things mentioned and are still not able to get a restful sleep then, in my opinion  more things need to be worked on at the sub-conscious level.

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