Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s The #1 Trait That Will Make You Stand Out From Others

Have you ever wondered what makes some people stand out from others? What’s that ‘special trait’ that makes them far more successful than others?

It’s their Emotional Intelligence. Ordinary people allow their emotions to dictate their thoughts, feelings and actions. Successful people channelize their emotions and use them intelligently.

But here’s the thing – it’s not something they are born with. Emotional intelligence is a skill that you develop through regular practice.

If you’re really serious about moving up the ladder personally and professionally, it’s imperative that you begin working on this skill.

With that said, here are 4 essential keys to honing your emotional intelligence…

 Be Action Oriented:

You have to be someone that walks the talk, not someone who just talks and does nothing. Talk is cheap. People can easily figure out those who walk the talk and those that don’t.

Emotionally intelligent people are those who talk very little. They don’t boast. They believe in making things happen, rather than talking about them. They focus and channelize all of their energy towards completing the tasks or projects at hand.

This continual action orientation is what takes them closer to goals on a day to day basis.

Patience Is Their Second Name:

Another key trait that defines emotionally intelligent people is their patience. They are extremely tolerant towards others and their limitations.

When making choices, they NOT only think of themselves but also look at other people and the big picture.

If you’re serious about becoming an emotionally intelligent person, learn to develop patience first. You must be willing to embrace situations where things don’t go the way you expect and yet have the patience to keep going.

Keep Away Negative People:

You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. Emotionally intelligent people recognize this fact and spend very little time hanging around people who are small-minded, manipulative and negative. They don’t tolerate people who are insincere and not truthful.

If you have negative people that are pulling you down, it’s time to change the crowd you hang out with. Identify the people that are dragging you down and begin by reducing the time you spend with them. Eventually, they’ll go away.

Always Looks At The Big Picture:

Emotionally intelligent people always look at the big picture. They’re looking at their goals 1, 2 and 5 years from now and successfully manage unpleasant circumstances in the present. They realize that sacrifices need to be made for the long-term goal and therefore are willing to make those sacrifices.

When you have a big goal in mind, it’s a lot easier to focus your energies to deal with difficult clients, create successful win-win partnerships and take your game to a whole new level without being side-tracked by petty annoyances or distractions.

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