Are you living Life in Denial Mode

I come across, far too many people living in the “Denial Mode” which is nothing but avoiding the truth, procrastinating and eventually delaying taking tough decisions. If this sounds familiar, then it is time to switch modes.

All of us, at times, are guilty of switching to this mode, but a large majority are living in this mode without even realizing it. As humans it is but natural to go through this. To a certain extent, this helps in coping up with difficult situations. However sooner rather than later, this elephant needs to be addressed and that is when, people grope in the dark.

Over the years working with people who have reached out to me, has given me an insight into this issue which I would like to share with you in this Blog –

See yourself from the other side:

Since these thoughts are more in the Sub conscious level, it is prudent to shift the thoughts outside of yourself and speak to someone who you feel might not be judgmental. Look around in your circle for a person, who will give you honest feedback and not tell you things to garner a few brownie points.

It helps here to be Non judgmental and that is why talking to a “Professional Life coach” makes a big difference.

Lay your cards on the table:

 When you shift your position from the inside to out, I will guarantee you that the view is certain to be different. This is the time to rationally, put your cards on the table and take stock of the reality. Even though truth does hurt, remember that not acting on this might cripple you and cloud your vision.

The whole idea is to get a better picture of what’s going on and get a grip on things before the final slide happens.

Look at the situation in the eye:

I have seen more than enough times, that by just standing up and looking at the challenge in the eye, you will dig into the deepest reservoirs of strength from within and end up doing things, which at one time was impossible. The strength & learning’s one can learn through this experience needs to be experienced rather than just read.

It is magical and I am privileged to see it, happening with my Coaching clients again & again.

Focus on the reality & End results:

One is bound to find this journey strewn with obstacles and realignment. However, who said that the ride to Greatness is easy. It is not easy for sure, but never is Impossible. The reason for you to look at the bigger picture is to ensure that the Sub conscious mind is tuned to Reality and works always towards the End goal. It is something like your personal GPS(Global Positioning Satellite) Which can never ever  make you go off course.

Working through being in Denial is more @ the Sub conscious level and as always, there is no one way to get through this. I personally work on these key pressure points, when I begin work with a Client.  I am always ready to be flexible in the approach but never in the goals.Since the approach might be different but getting to the end results is what always matters.

 Working with a “Life coach like myself, will help each one of you look at the situation from multiple angles.  You will discover the underlying assumptions & eventually get a better picture of what‘s going on. Teaming up with a professional is always a better approach, rather than riding through Solo in this journey.

If you are looking at a Pillion rider, who has years of experience in working with people in this specific area, then take some time out to reach me for a Strategy Call” where we can try and see if we could work together.