Are you living up to your potential?

When I ask the people I work with this question, I usually get a vague answer. This is because Potential is something which cannot be measured or quantified. However when you realize your own strength can  change your belief structure, then the opportunities or challenges one can create and overcome are mind-blowing.

The last couple of weeks, have been very exciting for me because I have just about finished working with a couple of my clients,who have inspired me so much in terms of living up to their potential.When I look back to see how much they have lived up to their potential, It was magical.when I revisited their journey with me during the last couple of months, I realized that there was a clear vision of developing new habits, which helped each one of them to live to the best of their potential. Therefore i  figured out and found a set pattern, over the last few months which can help each one of you to live to your own potential  –

Have an open mind: The first step in working to your potential is having an open mind and being flexible.I see many people letting go of huge opportunities in their own life, by not having an open mind and having an aversion to taking risk. A ship was never meant to be in the harbor, even though it is the safest place to be in. Therefore taking calculated risks by moving out of one’s comfort zone is what follows by opening one’s mind to opportunities.

Ask and you shall be given: I have come across many people who do not ask for what they deserve. The fear of rejection and embarrassment, holds most of them from asking what they really want. The universe  wants each one of us to succeed. The only thing it wants of you,  is to ask and work towards it. Asking also means that you need to develop a courage to ask others. No man is an island and we can collectively do a lot more things together instead of working alone.So somewhere working with others and helping each other is an important aspect when one needs to work to one’s potential.

Think differently: Some of the biggest achievers are the one who thought differently and stepped out of their comfort zone. Have the courage to express your own individuality and work on your strengths to reach your own true potential. Once you think differently and look at the situation from a different perception, that is when the answers which were elusive at one time will begin to appear. A coach does something similar to this. He/she will make you look at things differently and help you find your own answers.So what was once an insurmountable mountain, will be seen among-st it a clear doable Road map.

Work smarter: There is no sense in reinventing the wheel. It is by working smart one can look at reaching the destination in the least amount of time. As a coach, I help my own clients in working smart, be it at their health, career or any other challenges they are facing. Reaching the destination in the least possible time is the key. Smart work pays in more than one way and eventually makes you work on using this pattern in other areas of your life,which is what makes a huge difference in the long run.

Over the years whilst working with people across geographic boundaries, I have seen that each one of us have been bestowed with immense potential, which we just need to en-cash upon. Unfortunately most of the people do not realize this and end up living a very compromised life. The few who realize this and work hard are the ones you see as the shining stars in front of us. I personally believe that working to one’s potential is a habit just like any other  and over a period of time it can be mastered. I hope that these thoughts have indeed inspired you to work to your potential in a few areas of your life,which can be at a later stage replicated to most areas of your life. I would love to hear from you on the challenges you are facing in working to your potential, on my Face book page or email ID