Are you overwhelmed by Negativity?

At times, I wonder why there is so much Negativity around us & what is stopping people from shifting towards joy & happiness?

You are not alone, if you tend to get influenced in your thoughts & actions when there is so much Negativity around. Working with people across the Globe has made me believe, that people have trouble letting go of both the big & the small things in their mind. They subsequently develop a negative thought process which eventually affects their moods and life.

One thing is for sure & that is “we all have a choice in dealing with Negativity”. We can’t change the world, but we certainly can change our perception and responses. The following pointers will help you get started –

Dealing with Negative People:

Once you do realize why Negative people are Negative, I am sure it will give you that much more liberty to decide your course of action. In my opinion, Negative people act the way they do, because they never bother to find healthy ways to deal with their problems. They instead want to take it out on others.

Look beyond their actions & see if you can possibly help them. If not, do not dwell on too much time and move on. You can do yourself a big favor by ending this toxic relationship, if possible. Another thing which I have learnt over the years is to surround yourself with positive people who can inspire or motivate you.

If you strive hard, you will find more than enough people who are always tuned into this wavelength. To begin with, check my Face book Fan page

Dealing with Negative Thoughts:

It is perfectly normal to have Negative thoughts, but the problem magnifies only when you stay with it. You then start to play it in your own mind repeatedly derailing your actions. Somewhere I have noticed that people tend to do more of this at the Sub conscious level. There is no one way of dealing with Negative thoughts, especially when it is played at the deepest level.

However the easiest thing to do about this is first recognize it & if possible learn from it. You eventually need to replace it with something better. Since most of these are played in our own mind as images, it is imperative that you begin to change the images played in your mind. With practice you will get better.

Dealing with the Negative World:

I used to always feel always remorseful on seeing so much of Negativity in this world. The magnitude of things happening around me at times used to make me lose my focus. Somewhere down the line of “Self discovery” I realized that to make the world a better place I had to take steps, to do things which would eventually make me feel better.

Getting into being a “Certified Professional Life Coach” did help me, since I am always reaching out to people to make a difference in their lives. By just doing something Nice to someone wholeheartedly, I realized it makes things better for myself. Random good deeds done on a daily basis will add up to increase the Positive quotient in your life, is one of the biggest Life’s Lesson for me through this profession. Begin with small actions and these little actions/steps will go a long way in getting you there.

Over the years what I have learnt is that Dealing with Negativity is an acquired habit. It is imperative that one is shrewd and does things consciously, not to fall in the trap of negativism and cynicism. We might not be able to control people, thoughts or even the Environment around us, but do remember that you have a choice. You own reaction is critical in how we take things forward. This is where I work with people in helping them change their choices and interpretations.

 Dealing with this particular thought process is more @ the inside than on the outside. Do take some time out to put in your comments below or on my Face Book  Fan page. You can as always reach out to me through the mail