Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

One thing which I have learnt over the years working with people is that most do not fear failure but majority of the people do fear being successful. Yes, you did read it right.

Fear of Success is making many gifted people around us in Self Sabotaging their success journey. A couple of months back, I did work with a CEO of a Large Multinational as his “Executive Coach”. He was going through this phase of self-sabotaging his own success.

Even though he had put in the hard work and was extremely talented, his decisions and actions over the months were telling a different story. Are you someone who is walking this path?

Then read on to see if you or someone whom you do know internally blocking yourself by doing some or all of the below mentioned steps from taking the necessary actions you require in order to achieve success.

Your Best Friend Is Your Inner Critic:

Most of us do have an internal dialogue which either can make us or break us. How much we do listen to this inner voice depends on our conditioning over the years.

Most of this conditioning does happen in the early stages of growing up and when I do work with people who are extremely critical of themselves in the present I am more than certain that they would have picked this habit at an early age.I have worked closely with clients who are subjected to conditioning in earlier years that eventually causes them to avoid taking “calculated risks” which eventually persists on to adulthood.

Another important aspect would be external influences, either through helicopter parents or immediate family members. Eventually this does begin to become your best friend and more often than not you will be led by your inner critic which you do think is taking you in the right direction.

Change Is Not In Your Dictionary:

Most of the people are comfortable in their comfort zone and think twice before stepping out of this zone. More often than not they do tend to do the same things again and again but expect a different result. When someone is fearful of being successful more often than not they do tend to do the same things again and again.

I have worked with Senior executives, large business owners and CEO’s of company who struggle day in and out but do not try new methods or alternative practices to make their tomorrow better.

When I do come across someone who is stuck in this phase of life I more often than not ask them this simple question “What can you do today to make your tomorrow better and in the process what are the new things you can learn and unlearn. This question does make them think differently and look at the same situation through a different set of lenses.

No Clear Vision Of The Future:

If you do not know which road to take, then any road can take you there. I am sure you would have heard this many times. Now, when it comes to someone who is not sure of his/her future the vision of the future is always hazy. It is imperative to know exactly what you want in life be it in your personal or professional space and work towards it with a bulldog attitude.

Working on big Audacious goals is critical to measure your own success and help you plan for the future which is yet to come. One of the biggest shifts I do notice in people I am working with is that it gives them a feeling of accomplishment which prevents them from giving up too soon.

By getting to small victories on a daily basis you are helping yourself in  setting  up a strong foundation for bigger goals in life.

You Stop Good Practices Soon:

How many of you have started a new habit in earnest but gave up sooner than later? The reason is quite simple. For any habit to become permanent it does take time and most of the research does point to a minimum of 21 days of continuous doing or undoing.

One thing I do notice in people is that they would have had the right mindset at the beginning to work on a critical area, however by not giving enough time for good practices they are not doing themselves any favor.Getting through your biggest fears does take a lot of consistent effort, focus and dedication. Once someone has managed to overcome the initial conditioning of the mind then it’s more of building on the success mindset.

Take my own case when I did begin to write for newspaper and my own blogs it was more of a leap of faith to me couple of years back. However, with consistent effort & patience this has become a part of my weekly tasks which I do much on an Autopilot mode.

Whether you are planning to get good at public speaking, creating powerful video presentations or even wake up early in the morning begin small and keep at it for at least 3-4 weeks without expecting much. The sheer momentum is guaranteed to take you closer to your own personal transformation which is certain to help you in the long run.

You Are Harboring Negative Thoughts:

When one begins to move in the direction of “what can go wrong”, more often than not it is natural for the body to follow the same path. Harboring negative thoughts and trying to work on big goals is certain to derail your biggest plans. Negative thoughts are an energy guzzler and I have found that over a period of time most tend to get better at this dis empowering habit.

Negative thoughts at the subconscious level can over a period of time get bigger and stronger and overhaul any positive thoughts. Strength in numbers works here and there is no one way to work around this other than by identifying these negative thoughts and replacing this with positive ones one at a time. Yes, it is time consuming but worth the effort in the long run.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Is Your Choice:

There is a direct connect between what runs in your mind and the lifestyle you are leading. I talk about this more often than not in my Coaching Sessions and Strategic Interventions.

A healthy mind and body plays a critical role in your success both at the professional and personal level. There is a direct correlation between what you eat, when you eat and the amount of time you do spend every day in exercising. This is especially critical when most find it difficult to regulate their stress levels.

Not taking care of the mind and body is one of the Top reasons I do come across in many of the Executives, CEO’s and large Business Owners for triggering self-sabotaging thoughts in their own journey and I am sure you would not want  to go through the same path.

Learning from others mistake is the smartest way to become successful and its saves the time and effort of reinventing the wheel. If you still feel you do need help in overcoming this habit, then do click the link below to fix up a strategy call with me

Yes, I Want To Overcome Self Sabotaging And Become More Successful

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