Are you walking the “Burnout” Road?

Are you aware that each one of us will eventually come face to face with a Burnout in our life? If we do not take it seriously, it eventually can put us out of commission.

Burnouts are common nowadays. I see this often in my profession as a “Life & Wellness Coach”. Unfortunately most are not aware that they are treading down this road, before it is too late. As always “prevention is the best cure” whilst dealing with a burnout.

Working on the symptoms is the most effective strategy is what I have been working over the last couple of years as a “Professional Life Coach”. To begin with some of them that can be identified and worked on are –

You Are Always On A Short Fuse

One of the biggest casualties according to me is your Emotions. It all begins from here. If a small thing which is beyond your control is driving you up the wall, then it is time to rein in your emotions. You need to understand that it is not your partner, co-worker or even the environment, which is triggering this wave of emotions.

More often than not, it always begins with the person. Letting go of things will more than help you as you are always in the crux of the situation. Simple steps like taking ownership and being conscious about things going astray will help you develop the habit of gaining control.

You Are Making Avoidable Errors

When simple work looks like a chore, then mistakes are bound to happen regularly. When you take the eye off the present moment, it is bound to derail you from your path. What I have seen over the years is that simple things like drafting a letter, making a presentation or even dressing up will begin to be stressful.

The best you can do here is to take the help of someone who can spot check you, or your day & review. When I do this with my clients, they tend to see through the patterns which can be broken down. Breaking patterns in the mind is a step by step process which does require one to work at the Sub-conscious level.

You Are Too Preoccupied To Enjoy

When you are occupied with too many things around you, the one area where most will compromise is their enjoyment. What one time – be it an outing, time with friends & family or even a weekend movie will be the last in the priority list.

Even if they manage, they will be so preoccupied, that they miss out on being in the midst of things. The only way to work through this is to let go of things. Each one of us have a choice to carry things with us in our head. Most do not encash on this simple yet powerful habit.

You Have No Life Goals

Burnouts tend to make one more myopic in their vision & thinking. I have seen some of the most brilliant people not working on their Life-altering goals, be it personal or professional. When you do not have something to look forward to, then the creative juices are bound to hit rock bottom.

Working on small doable goals is the way forward & that is what I help people achieve. When Empowering goals are envisioned & created in the Sub-conscious mind & worked on day in & day out it is bound to create “Positive Empowering Neural Pathways” in the mind which more often than not is the change what most are looking for when they hire me, as their Life & Wellness Coach.

Burnouts are very real, especially in the Indian Context, for the simple reason that we are more hardwired to internalize situations and bottle it up. There is more than enough research to prove that with lower “Emotional Quotient” it is easy to slip through & land right into burnouts.

There is more than one way to work through this & I will be glad to speak to you to see how we can work through this in a very systematic and result driven approach.

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