Are you balanced in life?

Working on being balanced in life is different for each one of us. Most according to me want to be productive in their professional or personal lives by not compromising much in their Emotional & physical states.

Maintaining a fine balance is more of an art than anything else. How is it that some are good at maintaining a fine balance in all departments of life, whereas most struggle with just about  everything? A perfect Balance is like four legs of a chair. If these 4 are taken care of, then it will eventually ensure that other areas of one’s life will be in absolute control.

To begin with let’s take the first leg of a balanced life –

Professional Life:

Even though majority of us depend on our profession to ensure a good quality of life, we miss out on the big picture. We tend to give more time to this & eventually compromise our health, family & peace of mind. I have seen many who slip up in this area the most in my profession as a “Life & Wellness Coach”

They reach the heights of their professional career and eventually realise it was never worth it. The price they would have paid to reach the top is eventually irrecoverable.Am sure you would not want  to climb the highest peak & realise its the wrong mountain after all.

Personal Life:

Most compromise in this one area because of long working hours & equally longer commute times. It is imperative that each one of you makes a conscious effort in making time for your personal life. This has to be absolutely your time, preferably doing something empowering.

Spending quality time with your family, should always come on top of the list.Sadly I see this on an ever increasing trend with  most of the working professionals I interact with.

Emotional Wellbeing:

With stress being a killer nowadays it is in your interest that you spend some time on managing your Emotions and not get burnt out. People leading a fast paced life hardly any have any time to work on their Emotions. This at some point of time will bite you where it hurts the most.

One need not have to spend hours together, to work on this aspect. The magic of compounded time works here. Even ten – fifteen minutes a day goes a long way in helping you get there.

Physical Wellbeing:

Now I do not have to tell you how important this is to your overall wellbeing. The last two have a direct role to play in drastically improving the quality of your life. Being productive at work might not have anything to do with your work. It could very well stem from a health issue (i.e. what you eat, how active you are and a possible illness).

You can try every productivity tip and trick in every book, but if you neglect your health, you won’t be able to overcome the limitations, you are experiencing in the other 3 areas of your life.

 Most people I come across are working professionals or homemakers, who are to a large extent unaware that all of Life areas are interconnected. If you neglect some of those mentioned above, you are sure to sabotage the success in the area you are focusing on.

There has to be Balance maintained in this core area of one’s life,otherwise it will be  like a chair with 3 or worse 2 legs to support itself.

You do have a choice right now. You can take control of your life by focusing on this core area and begin to work on it immediately or wait for an appropriate time in the “indefinite future” which will never come. You can take the first step in the right direction by speaking to me and signing up for an “Introductory Call” where we both can get the house in order.

I would be glad to hear from you in your own journey of creating the right Balance in the 4 key areas of your life. You can reach me as always on my mail Id or connect with me through any of the social media channels by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of this Blog page.

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