Being Assertive can completely transform your Life

Assertiveness is a trait which goes hand in hand with our belief & values. Have you been caught napping, at a time in your life when a little more Assertiveness would have done you a world of good?

I have gone through this curve of not being Assertive and more often than not, learnt the hard way. Remember that to be Assertive one does not have to be pushy or walk over others. There are more ways than one to work from the inside out. With most of my Clients over the years, this is one of the key areas I see lacking.

Helping them work on the same has opened doors to many new avenues. Some ways to work on the same are –

Expect More From Yourself

When you work on your goals and see yourself getting there by being Assertive, you are certain to create a path(neural pathways) in your Subconscious mind. In my experience I have seen people who are not assertive, working on small incremental goals & not expecting much from themselves.

By flipping the switch you are giving directions & coordinates for the Mind & the body to follow the Assertive path.

It Is Imperative To Be On Course

Being Assertive is staying on course in the face of repeated failures. It is incredibly hard to stay on course when things are falling apart around you. I have seen most succumbing during this testing time. In my opinion, it takes persistence & courage to face the fear of the Unknown.

By believing in yourself and trusting your instincts you have a fair amount of chance of being Assertive on unfamiliar ground. When you stick with Assertive actions & thoughts you will surely reach the destination with a lot of learnings.

Do Not Be Scared Of Falling

Working on any new trait is bound to take you close to failure more often than not. However remember that only by falling many times we have strengthened our legs. Change the approach, but never the Assertive goal post. When you are absolutely focused on the goal post, then small things like failures will not distract you. No one has become Assertive in a day.

When you look at someone who is assertive now you are sure to see a long winding path from the beginning to where they are now. Once you train your mind not be scared of falling down you will then approach the same issues with a different mindset. For all of you who fear failure, remember the more you fail the more resilient you need to become.

This is what will make you hone the “bull dog attitude” for bigger things in life.

Reach Out For Help

When this Assertive journey looks daunting, then it makes more sense to reach out to people who will help walk you through the Assertive path. Remember that some of the most brilliant, talented and Assertive individuals have achieved their success by collective efforts of people or by working with a Life Coach.

It takes courage to approach people to assist you in this journey. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or vulnerability. It shows that you are ready for change and need to ride the momentum wave.

Over the years I have worked with many clients who have had challenges with being more Assertive in their professional & personal relationships. Working through some of the above mentioned action points has helped them be more Assertive. However just like with anything in life, you tend to get better at things when you keep working at it.

I would love to hear from you as to “Which area in your life are you finding it difficult to be more Assertive?” Did this Blog post help you in any way in changing your thoughts?

Also, if you have someone who can hold you accountable in your own journey, they can help make sure that you don’t slip into your comfort zone and end up where you began.

This is where working with a professional can make or break your goals. Over the years one thing which has been a gamechanger for each one of my clients is that when they signed up with me they became Accountable and I was always there for them when they slipped up.

Working to be successful is not about not failing but getting up every time when you do fail and this is where I can step up for you.

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Yes Satish! I Need Professional Help

Besides working with clients 1 on 1, we also engage with corporate teams through our Group Interventions.

Through these sessions, your team will be able to…

  • Increase productivity by channelizing their energy levels
  • Increase their engagement while ensuring work-life balance
  • Work on being healthy both in the Mind and Body through simple steps.
  • Be more Assertive & Accountable to their professional and personal goals.

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