Being compelling is just a beginning

Are you making an unsuccessful effort in reaching out to people when trying to sell something or like in my case reaching out to people in helping Transforming Lives? Well to be successful, you need to work first towards selling yourself. Without this, you might be blowing great opportunities that may never come around again

As I type these words, running in my mind is the story of one person (AK) who has ended up changing the dynamics of how politics is going to work in the Indian Context. Being compelling is one of the key traits of such a person.

Each one of us can work towards being compelling in our own journey if we pick on what a person who is compelling is doing.Some of these, according to me would be

What can you contribute: To be compelling needs one to be in the service of a greater good. I strongly believe that once you are clear as to what you can offer, you will contribute in a great way to people’s lives & they will eventually need what you are offering.

This is when the compelling part will begin to take care on its own. What is paramount is to communicate in a way that people will understand and respond favorably towards you..

Truth always prevails: Being truthful is critical to long term success, be it in your professional or personal lives. What you are offering across the table must not be based on fancy packaging or abstract language, but on real facts and figures.

I have seen people whilst hard selling, covering up facts and coming up with a fancy sugar coated offer, which most people can see through. Remember that genuine benefits are always better than fancy packaging.

This, in my own opinion will get to the core of being compelling.Over the years I have worked on identifying this traits in people,which has helped me to a large extent.

Simplicity & freshness is an attention grabber: Work on making things as simple as possible. This will ensure that you will grab people’s attention. No one has the time to go through complex explanations and solutions. Making it simple & crisp will help your audience see you through a fresh pair of eyes.

Once you change a person’s perspective, you will have his/her attention and you can build on this. The answer needn’t be huge and life changing. It has to be just something they don’t normally hear or read. People love to learn and will follow those who teach them something valuable.

Some of the biggest changes are the most simple ones.Not convinced,well you will find it for sure if you look for it.

Communication is another key: The responsibility to communicate with your own audience begins & ends with you. Context is critical and when people know that you are sharing something of value, they will invest time in your offerings. It makes sense to do one’s homework to study the audience & listen to your own pitch with their perspective in your mind.

How you can say it will make all the difference in the long run. Once you begin to adapt these things, in your own environment the confidence & purpose will come through in your voice & the image you are trying to project to others.

Eventually being compelling is not something which happens in a day, but will take considerable amount of time to work on. However once you are perceived as someone who is compelling, then it is just a matter of time before you can step into the arena and be a game changer.

Working towards being Compelling is not an insurmountable affair just like so many among st us have shown,it just requires persistence,vision and most importantly the fire within, to get there in spite of any challenges.

I would love to hear from you on my thoughts on being compelling. What is that makes a person a game changer? You can reach me on my mail id or on my Facebook Fan page.If you have found the thoughts useful do take some time to share it with your friends & family.Knowledge is something which needs to be shared & not kept, is the logic I have been living with for quite some time.