Bounce your way back from failure

Failure can be painful for most of us and more often than not the biggest mistake people make is to stay hurt & be in a state of Non-inertia for way  too long.

Failure can hurt, if you are emotionally connected to it. I have worked with clients over the years, who have failed miserably in their business, marriage, relationships or even in something very personal. What is important is to not dwell over this, but to pick some learning’s and see how soon one can bounce back.

Moving out of this situation is more to do with the mind. Some of the things which I feel  as a “Life Coach” you can do to bounce back are –

Accept the reality of the situation:

More often than not when I am working with my clients, I realise that most have not accepted the reality yet and are still living on hope. Now do not get me wrong – I am as optimistic as anybody. However when it comes to being practical and realistic, you need to step out of the glass house and look within yourself.

When you realise that you are in a situation, only then it is easy to move in the direction of your vision. Most of the success you see in people around you  has come only after insurmountable defeats and being resilient against all odds.One common denominator with most of them, would be that they did accept the reality of the situation.

Be Nice & take care of yourself:

It is very common to go into a shell, when failure hits you under the belt. Somewhere  I always believe that it is our caveman/women  instinct ingrained in our genes, which influences our thought process. However in your case, you should be doing the exact opposite.

You need to step out and make it a top priority of taking care of yourself. Remember when you take care of yourself by doing the simple things right, you have began the job of bouncing back. This is one of the reasons I spend considerable amount of time in helping my clients work on this one aspect.

The positive ripple effect grows exponentially the movement you begin to take care of yourself both Physically & Emotionally.

Get a new perspective:

Even though most of us are lucky to have a good support structure around us in terms of family & friends, remember they can help you only to a certain extent. It is extremely important that you work through your failures with a new perspective.

Hence working with a Mentor or a Professional Coach like me, will always make sense. By doing this, you are not been judged by the past but only through lenses of optimism and positivity.More often than not the feelings you are going through only requires a perception change.

If you could relate to these words and are going through some kind of failure,in your own life, then take the most important step right now  and reach out to me to fix up an “Introductory call”If you are worried about revealing too much about yourself,then check out my Anonymous Coaching Option .

We both can speak on your predicament and see how to team up to help you bounce back as quickly as possible,just like some of my own Clients just like you.

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