Break through your limiting beliefs and turn your weakness into strength

My inspiration to do what I am doing currently comes from making people shift from their limiting beliefs and move forward towards their goals. This is easier said than done but ultimately if you develop the mindset that weaknesses aren’t really weaknesses, you’ve just broken through your limitations and fears.

Some of the limiting beliefs over the years have stopped me in my tracks. I had to work that much harder to change the belief system within me. However the learning from each one is to first identify and then take action. Sounds pretty simple! Let’s see where most of us will get stuck at some point in our life and how we can overcome it to eventually make it our strength.

Not good enough: This is the commonest limiting belief which makes many people give up on their dreams and eventually aspire for small things. When the vision is small then the effort is also in proportionate to the vision. I always come across many people in different fields of life who actually have immense self doubt for various reasons. Identifying this and working on it is critical for forward movements and also according to me is the first crucial step one can take.

Do not have enough time: At most times, I hear people saying that they do not have enough time to work on their goals due to paucity of time. I strongly believe that if one can master time then everything will be a walk in the park. Mastering time is an art which one needs to develop. Many organisations spend a majority of their budget in training employees on time management. Working on what is important and not multitasking will eventually make one do more in the same amount of time with less stress & pressure.

Do not deserve it: Yes some people do not aspire for bigger goals because they feel deep down that they do not deserve it. Remember the goal we are talking about might be a designation change , a partner or even just happiness. Ultimately it is the belief within each one of you which will make all the difference in connecting the dots. Some of these limiting beliefs might be in the sub conscious level. It might take some time to identify but once found out they can be easily turned around as your biggest strength.

Do not have a vision: Most of the people who are extremely successful in various fields have a vision. It is this vision which made them home in on the goals which others think as audacious. When the vision is low and not big enough it does not inspire people to jump out of their bed to make use of every opportunity. Working on a bigger vision is what I would wish  for each one of us during the Christmas and beginning of a new year.. If you cannot see your goalpost how will you know which way to move?

These are some of the limiting beliefs which are the most common and will ensure that you do not aspire for your dreams. Identifying these and putting an action plan is the only way in overcoming this. Eventually the person who overcomes their limiting beliefs is the one we all speak about. This is possible by following some of the steps which I have taken for most of my own limiting beliefs, especially for the one I am working on right now which is writing regularly for my Blog. If I had not worked on my own limiting beliefs 8-10 months ago I would not be writing this and churning out 2 Blog articles per week, one on self development and the other on health.

What I have seen and experienced over the years is that once we cross this hurdle then the things in front of us will look completely different and doable. Earlier the problems which were insurmountable when looked from a different view point will look that much more easy and doable. This, I feel is the most important aspect for each one of you especially when you are working on life altering goals which could be your health, relationship or even a new business vision.

One thing I would like to advocate strongly especially when the year is coming to a close is to first identify your limiting beliefs and work on it. Even if you need to take small painful steps to overcome it, remember – ““Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.”So if you have weakness then I would look at it as a blessing in disguise which can be turned around as your strength.

So what is each one of yours weakness or limiting belief which you want to work on to shape your New Year to come? Even though I believe that New Year is never the time for resolutions it is good enough to begin on this a week in advance. Would love to hear from you in terms of how you did overcome your limiting beliefs or are struggling to overcome it on my Facebook Fan Page or mail me on