Challenge Yourself To Learn Something New

Learning is a never-ending process and one should always be open to learn and also unlearn. When the opportunity does arise one should never give up to grab with both the hands. Our High Performance Alchemy Masterclass which is on the same lines of our very successful Signature Sr Leadership Intervention is what I am talking about here.

I personally conduct this Masterclass in Bangalore and when the average professional experience is more than 15 years there is lot of sharing of knowledge which does happen. We have been conducting this Masterclass which is open to the public from quite a while and the last one was successfully conducted in the month of Oct.

This Masterclass had the right blend of Sr Executives and Entrepreneurs and the idea sharing was something which can never happen in any other work environment. The reasons I would like to state are below

1.Most of the people who attend this Master Class do not know each other and it’s a great platform to network

2.Since it is outside one’s work environment, everyone is eager to share their strengths and also weakness. In fact, some of them have shared their biggest failures and their learnings.

3.Since this is a highly interactive full day event, most of them who are usually introvert in nature do jump into the discussion.

Moreover, the discussions do spill over into the short breaks and over lunch which was something I did notice all the time. All the participants were open to learning and since it was on a Sunday, they were relaxed without any other distractions.

You can watch this small snippet to get a gist of the Intervention.

There is always some positive takeaways and hearing from the participants themselves is something which makes the Intervention all the more memorable. They were candid and did express themselves. Do take a look at this short video to hear from each one of them.

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Co-Authored By Sushma Krishnan (Co-Founder, High Performance Alchemy)