Create Calm around a world of chaos

Do you feel overwhelmed at work & begin to feel stressed & edgy? How many times have you wished to just unchain yourself from this state and focus on your thoughts?

 The pace most people live their life at is unbelievable. It is a wonder, how they function through the day in a frenetic environment riding wave after wave of stress. Unfortunately most do not realise that it hardly takes a couple of minutes, to hit the de-stress button. Some of the most effective ways to do this are –

Ten minutes of physical activity:

When you are overwhelmed with chaos around you, the most effective thing to do is to get up and walk away from the immediate environment. A quick walk across the office or your apartment will ensure that your body releases endorphins which can act as a feel good hormone. When you physically move yourself, it will help your mind de focus on the immediate issue at hand.

A quick walk always works for me and more often than not I come back rejuvenated to finish the impeding task at hand. See what suits you. I am yet to hear of someone being fired for walking to the furthest washroom at work.

Ten minutes of deep breathing:   

Are you aware that by deep breathing, you can control your mind to a large extent & that by deep breathing you can bring yourself back to awareness? Most of the highly stressed people breathe shallow. By working on this one habit, you can have immediate control on calming your mind.

Pick a quiet place to do this activity and you will walk out a different person, by the end of the ten minutes. See my previous blog on “Meditation” to know more on deep breathing and how it can help you align your thoughts.

 Five minutes of Visualisation:

Are you aware that your mind cannot make out what is visualised and what is happening in real? I am sure that you are surprised as much as I was when I got to know about this. Well you can actually visualise yourself on your favourite beach – seeing the blue waters, feeling the sand under your feet and breathing in fresh sea breeze.

I will guarantee you that your physical expressions will change to a calmer you when you visualise yourself experiencing your favourite empowering holiday.

 I have condensed this Blog since I am repeatedly asked in my coaching sessions and seminars on the most effective way to de-stress. I cannot think of any other ways than those mentioned above. Of course if you do have the luxury of time, you are more than welcome to practise this for more than ten minutes to increase the after effects exponentially.

 I hope this Blog article has given you an insight on how you can find your own Island of calmness, get a grip on your thoughts and move in the right direction.

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