How To Create An Empowering Vision That Will Make You Jump Out Of Bed

Most people really struggle to get out of their bed each morning. It’s a real power struggle between their higher self and the lazy self.

The alarm is snoozed at least a dozen times before they actually put their feet on the floor.

And the nights are no different. Instead of going to bed with purpose and excitement, they browse the internet, watch TV for hours together before finally falling asleep.

They don’t have any drive at all. They’ve lost all the passion they had for life. They’re just going to work to pay the bills, maintain commitments and run the family.

On the inside, they feel empty.

Does this sound like you? If yes, pay close attention here.

The reason you’re struggling to motivate yourself is because you don’t have a worthy goal to strive for. There’s an ancient saying that goes like this, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

As humans, we are natural goal-seeking organisms. We need a goal or an objective of some kind to strive towards.

If we don’t have a worthy goal that appeals to us and sustains our attention, we immediately slip into our impulsive, animal-like lower-self behaviours.

It’s the impulsive lower-self that causes…

  • You to struggle to wake up in the morning
  • You to lose motivation at work the moment you hear a harsh comment from your boss or you experience failure, when you try something new
  • Your neighbor to drink repeatedly even though he fully knows that it doesn’t do him any good

If you’re really serious about moving on and creating a compelling life, you have to hack the root – which is your VISION.

You must create an empowering vision for your life and make an emotional connection with your goal in order to become successful.

If you don’t, you’ll continue to be impulsive and struggle in life. You may achieve some of your goals here and there but you’ll never live the life that you truly want and deserve.

With that said, here are a few tips to create the powerful, empowering vision that will make you jump out of bed…

Write Down Your Goal

Take a few minutes, think deeply and write down what is it that you really want out of life with absolute clarity. Make sure that your goals are crystal clear and have specific time frames and deadlines.

Never think that a goal is impossible to achieve. There’s no such thing as an unrealistic goal. There are only unrealistic deadlines.

And if you can’t meet your goal by the deadline you’ve set, no problem. Just postpone the deadline and continue working towards it.

Print out pieces of paper or write out post-it notes and stick them in as many places as possible. You have to be able to continually see it and hold the thought on your mind for as long as possible.

Create An Emotional Connection

Just writing out your goal doesn’t do anything – although it does provide remarkable clarity and affects you at a subconscious level.

Once you have the goal written down, you must create an empowering emotional connection with it.

It’s very important to create the emotional connection as it’ll influence your subconscious and furnish you with the drive and determination you need to jump out of bed and go after your goal despite failures.

There are many ways to create the emotional connection. Here are a few methods…

  • Visualize the goal

Visualize yourself having accomplished the goal in question. Also visualize yourself successfully executing the action steps involved in the accomplishment of the goal.

Make this a continuous daily habit. Visualize the goal multiple times each day and fully pump yourself up.

  • Affirm the goal

Some people find it hard to visualize their goals. They have a hard time creating the emotional connection. For them, I strongly recommend affirming the goal.

Just find 5 minutes every now and then through the course of your day and chant the goals like a song or a mantra.

Repeat the goal to yourself aloud for about 100 – 150 times a day on a consistent basis.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you’re consistent at it. The key is to create the emotional connection and build the neural pathways. Once that’s done, you’ll have all the motivation you need.

Work Towards Your Goal

The most important key is to actually do the things that will lead to the achievement of your goal. And that’s where most people struggle.

They just don’t have the motivation to work towards their goal… and to solve that, there are only three keys:

  • Be absolutely clear about what it is that you want
  • Make an emotional connection with your goal
  • Start small and keep going

When you start working towards your goal, make sure that you begin by taking small concrete steps towards your objective.

Remember to keep going after your goal regardless of how many times you fail. Never lose sight of the final destination.

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