Are You Credible? Here’s The One Thing That Can Make Or Break Your Success

Let’s face it…

There’s no straight-forward path to becoming successful. Hard work alone won’t get you the promotion, help you scale your business or attract the relationship you want.

When it comes to accomplishing certain goals, your ability to influence others matters a lot. If you can’t persuade other people to co-operate with you and help you get what you want, you will fail at your goals.

The reality is that there’s not a lot that can be achieved in this world through our own self-exertion. We need other people to help us.

And other people won’t volunteer to help you unless they realize that you are trustworthy and credible.

Your credibility matters a lot. You might be the smartest or the most talented person in your field of work. But if you aren’t credible and can’t get other people to trust you, then you have near to zero chance of succeeding.

Therefore, it’s very important to take responsibility for your credibility and build it.

Building your credibility isn’t rocket science. It’s largely a function of the perceived gap between what you say and what you do.

Fill that perceived gap and people will begin to trust you naturally.

When I started out on my own as a Professional Executive Coach, I was relatively unknown. But now, people trust me without any hesitation at all.

If I can do it, so can you.

With that said, here are 4 key strategies I have personally used to build my credibility …

Stop Trying To Be A Know-It-All Person

There are some people who act as though they know it all. They conduct themselves in such a manner when dealing with everybody – their clients, close family, friends, etc.

The reason some people act this way is because they want to feel important and valued (by themselves and others). They get an ego boost by acting in such a manner. If you are facing this kind of a person then this brilliant article by Jacquelyn Smith is a good reference.

Friends and family might tolerate such kind of behavior. However, most people see right through it and it only ends up hurting your credibility.

If you are serious about building your credibility, realize that it’s not possible for you to know everything. You can’t be a know-it-all person and be successful.

There are some things in life that you simply won’t have the time to learn, understand and master. It’s impossible to master one aspect like Marketing, Coaching, Mentoring, etc.

There is just too much depth in these subjects that we just don’t have enough time to learn and master them all.

And this is where your intelligence comes into play. You have to make some intelligent choices about things that you are going to focus on and things that you are going to eliminate/delegate.

Be humble with not only others but yourself. Accept the fact that you can’t have it or master it all.

Be Comfortable With Yourself

If you closely study the works of author Og Mandino, you will find that there is one teaching that stands out in all his books:

That each one of us is unique and there can never be another person just like us.

When you fully acknowledge this principle in your life, it will give you the energy you need towards becoming the ‘Genuine You’. This ‘Genuine You’ will allow you to shine like a sparkling diamond.

When you pretend to be someone else, people realize very quickly that you don’t have stuff under the skin and quickly away from you.

Learn to become the best version of yourself, without trying to be something you are not.

Stop Being Self-Centered

If you have been in the corporate industry, you will have probably come across some people who are self-centered and care only about themselves. They only care about how much respect they receive and what matters to them. They rarely consider the lives of other people.

Anyone who behaves that way is emotionally immature. There is a chance that you or someone you know might be engaging in such kind of behavior.

And believe me… it can hurt your credibility big time.

However, if you have been engaging in such kind of behavior, it doesn’t mean that you are evil. You just have to correct yourself. Believe me, as you go through crisis & challenges, it’s extremely easy to get carried away and only think of yourself.

That is a natural human tendency. However, it doesn’t do you any good for long.

So learn that the world does not revolve around you and hasn’t been created to purely satisfy your whims and fancies. There is a bigger purpose and it’s your job to align your wants and desires with that purpose.

Be Genuine And Straightforward

There are some situations where we try to please a lot of people. This usually happens during meetings, presentations etc where you need the approval of everyone to get what you want.

It also happens in our social lives.

There are some people who are purely people-pleasers. And that is one of the sure-fire ways to drain all the energy you have. It’s impossible to please everyone.

The opposite of people-pleasing behaviour is self-centeredness. Both are no good and only end up hurting your credibility.

Instead, learn to be genuine, direct and straightforward. Don’t soft-foot around things. Stop trying to get the approval of others all the time. This is a brilliant article by Guy Winch which will help you work towards being more genuine.

Ultimately, life or business isn’t about you or the other person. It’s the goal that matters. You will get lasting results only when you focus on the goal.

Here’s an example

If you are presenting on something to your team members, your goal is the success of the project. Be willing to convey whatever you need to convey to achieve that goal.

Don’t look to win everyone’s approval. You will never be able to.

Now Listen Up!

Credibility is serious stuff. It’s your entire reputation that goes at stake. It follows wherever you go. It’s extremely hard to build, but very easy to destroy. Don’t take it for granted.

If you have chronic issues with your credibility, work on them now before you end up doing things that you can’t undo.

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