Here Is How To Develop A Helpful Mindset. Your Life Is Guaranteed To Change Forever

One of the most common traps most of the high performing executives and established business leaders fall into is that they tend to believe that they have to do everything on their own. This cannot be farther from the truth.

I always tell this to my clients that accepting help from others is not a sign of weakness but on the contrary it is sign of strength. If you are into leading large teams or a business person, then save these words. It is imperative to develop a helpful mindset to become more successful and believe me it is never ever going to get into your own way of success.

I have walked this path a long time back and here I would like to share with you the 7 habits which you can begin to practice getting better at identifying opportunities to help people around you.

Look At Opportunities To Give A Heads-Up

When you think of something which might be helpful to someone in your network then always make it a point to send it to the relevant people. Earlier I used to mail these things to my clients/acquaintance/friends but over the years I have developed the habit of sharing relevant articles, industry trends on my social media channels. Since all my profiles are public, anybody who is looking at these kind of information can go through the same and use it based on their relevance. This act may sound simple but is extremely valuable.

Develop The Habit Of Recognizing The Positives Of People

Our human mind is wired to see things differently and some people have become good at seeing things through lenses of negativity over years of practice. However, developing a habit of seeing good in people and in situations is more of a change in perception rather than anything. Once you begin to recognize the good in people and highlight it to them or their immediate bosses, you will be doing a world of good not only to the other person but also to yourself. I never miss out an opportunity to recognize the good in people and always make it a point to highlight the same.

This article by Rick Hanson, Phd delves deeper into why it’s essential to look for the good in others.

Everybody Is Vulnerable

Never miss an opportunity to be with someone when they really need you. If you feel that there is something which can be useful to someone who is going down a downward spiral, then always make it a point to step in and reach out.

You need to develop this art of reading people and you can only become good at this by doing more. When I used to work with large teams I always walked through the operations just to relate to people and never did miss a frown or notice the  pain in the eyes of people.

If at times I could not spend some time with them personally  I always left them a little better than what they were earlier. It really does not matter how high someone is in the pecking order. Everybody does have their moments of slipping up and sliding down. If you are someone who can step up to them in their moments of vulnerability, then you are always in their good books for sure.

Create More In Person Human To Human Connection

Meeting in person is always one of the best possible situations to develop deep connections with other people. However, it might not be possible all the time. But whenever there is a time and it is practical, then make it a point to look for opportunities to connect with people in person. This eventually does help in making an opportunity to help that person more.

Let me give you an example. I have thousands of connections in my social media channels and over the last few months, me and my team did come up with an idea to connect with my connections in person and that is when we conceived the idea of inviting some of my own connections to my Signature Intervention as my guest.

This did give me and them an opportunity to meet in person and spend some time with like-minded people. You can see some of them sharing their thoughts in this video below. All these would not have been possible without the human to human connection.

Give Feedback Only If It Helps Other Get Better

All of us do have an opinion and I do come across many a people in my daily life-giving feedback and suggestions just to prove a point that they do know more. However, I have been guilty of doing this myself early in my life. I genuinely wanted to share my thoughts with people but, I usually did end up coming across as a showoff.

Over the years I have realized that only if it does help someone to become better in what they are doing is when I step in to share my thoughts otherwise I just move on in life.

Note Down Meaningful Things About Others

When you notice something about someone say an anniversary or an important event which is coming up, make it a point to notice it first and then note it down in your to-do list. If you can help this person in that area or even wish them on that day, then you will be surprised to know as to how much of a difference it can make to that person.

I am not suggesting that you begin to do this from today. As with everything, start small and over a period once you are more consistent in this activity the repetition will eventually condition your mind to naturally think like a helpful person going forward. I have been personally doing this activity from decades and the results have been incredibly positive for me both at a personal and professional level.

Be Open To Be Helpful To People

One of the things I have begun to do over the last year was to proactively build connections with like-minded people. This can be in person or also through my own social media channels (LinkedIn to be more precise) and earlier I used to approach another person with the standard connection request which never used to work the way I wanted.

However, now I have made the effort to be more personal and  always end the conversation as to how I can be of help to them. Often most do acknowledge the effort, but some are more cautious and are taken aback. What this has done to me is that I am open to help people and I just want them to know that they can approach me if they are looking at someone to help them in their journey.

This brilliant Social Psychology video by David Schroeder throws more light on the psychology of helping others.

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