Do You Want To Be Successful Or Are You Forced To Be Successful?

Have you ever asked yourself why some talented people never succeed at all?

This world is abound with many such stories. Stories of people with lots of talent and opportunities who fail to make the most of what is given and throw it away.

And then, on the opposite side of the spectrum, there’s another group that starts with little or no talent and very little opportunity and makes the most out of the little they have.

They end up making a name for themselves in the history books.

Why is it so?

It’s simply because the poor and the deprived bunch choose themselves. They choose to be successful.

Talented people, on the other hand, are naturally gifted and given plenty of opportunities.

But these blessings were bestowed upon them. They never chose themselves and therefore, they throw it away.

A long while ago, I believed that qualities like intelligence, appetite for risk, creativity, etc. are the keys to make someone successful.

However, after having worked with various people from different walks of life and helping them redesign their life and careers, I have come to ONE conclusion:

That success is never due to any of the abilities that we possess. Rather, it’s a conscious choice that we make.

It’s ultimately the mindset of the individual that matters.

But if the individual takes things lightly, no matter how talented he is, it’s going to be a hard road for him/her  in the long-run.

Now I ask this question to you:

Have you made the choice to be successful? Have you told yourself that ‘YOU’ want to be successful and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Or are you just playing it along?

Whenever I conduct my seminars and Group Coaching Sessions, I ask the crowd, “How many of you in this room want to be successful?”

Almost every single hand goes up… But the hands that go up aren’t necessarily speaking the truth.

Most of the people that raise their hands are only raising it because of their circumstances. They’re in circumstances that push them towards being successful.

It could be their financial situation, their boss or spouse or some other family member that’s pushing them.

In order to get out of that unhappy, miserable situation and regain their freedom, they have to be successful.

And that’s a big problem.

…. Because they did NOT make a conscious choice to become successful.

So as soon as they get out of their negative situation and attain temporal freedom, they slip back into their old patterns and lose their focus, grit and determination.

That’s the story with nearly everybody. They starve, achieve a certain level of success, allow complacency to take over and end up starving again.

There’s a difference between HAVING to be successful and CHOOSING to be successful. Both can help you become successful.

But the former is temporal whereas the latter is permanent.

It’s when you CHOOSE to be successful and start working on things to become successful just for the sake of being successful will you make permanent changes in your life.

You can’t want to be successful because…

  • Your friend just purchased a new luxurious car and you don’t have one
  • Your family is starving and you need to put food on the table
  • You hate your current job and want to get out of it
  • Your parents want you to be successful
  • I want to prove myself to X person

All of those things are just circumstances dictating you to be successful. While some of those circumstances can certainly push and test you, it’s all temporal.

The moment those circumstances go away and you get freedom, you forget about the goal and start slacking.

Now it’s up to you.

Are you going to struggle forever HAVING to be successful?

Or are you going to CHOOSE to be successful?

Let me know in the comments below.

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