Does Food intake and thought process goes hand in hand?

Do you feel low in energy, directionless  and most of the time edgy? Well for all you know the number one culprit behind this might be your food intake. My common line to people is  – “change your eating habits and you will not need to struggle to rein in your thought process”.Sounds too good to be true,well read on to find out some great insights.

I believe that what goes in the mouth plays a big role in shaping up one’s emotional thought process. I have worked with loads of people over the years, who have changed their food intake patterns and thereby changed their lives, beginning with their thought process.

The key to this is,eating the right quantity & at the right time.Working with clients over the years  has given me some amazing insights,which I will share in the next few lines. Read on to find out –

Increase your antioxidants: Increasing the consumption of antioxidants is the simplest of the things, which most people can do without altering much of your life. In fact I deeply believe that it is just a change in mindset and nothing else. Anyway the richest source of antioxidants is available in fresh  fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and vegetable oil.

Incorporating all this in your daily diet is just about being more creative.In short, what! food rich in antioxidants will do to an individual is, in simple words improve from the inside out. Therefore the biggest benefits will happen at the cellular level.

Increase your protein intake: Protein is one of the key ingredients in building a healthy body. Personally being a vegetarian, i focus more right now on naturally increasing my protein intake. You need not be a gym rat to increase your protein intake. In fact anyone who physically needs to be more energetic and healthy can begin to focus on increasing your protein intake.

Stick to what is natural and a good source of protein. These are  Eggs,nuts,legumes,fish,meat & poultry. See what does work for you. The thumb rule  is to stick to about 3-4 sources of protein foods in a day, which will give you a steady source of protein to your body through the day.

Hydrate yourself well: One of the key aspects, most of the people miss on is the adequate consumption of water during the day. People have some of the weirdest excuses not to drink enough water some which include, that the washroom is very far off or they never feel thirsty. One needs to drink at the minimum of 8- 10 glass of 250 Ml in a day which is a safe range.

Mind you, over drinking is also as bad as less consumption. Follow a habit of sipping water through the day. Stick to 2-3 bottles in a day which will take care of ensuring that you are well hydrated and if possible add in a couple of hot water shots, which has proven to remove toxins in the body & Mind.

Consume healthy Fats: Yes you did read it right! It is the Fats which are critical. Before some of you heave a sigh of relief & munch a bag of chips , the fat I am talking about is healthy fat which is found in  some fruits,legumes,vegetable oil, eggs, and to a certain extent in meat and poultry. It is never  found in junk and sugar loaded food.

What the good fat does to the system especially at the emotional level, is that it helps to maintain a good balance if it is in a range of 20-30% of the total  calories consumed. This may sound Greek & Latin to a few, but once you begin to work on this, you will acquire the knowledge on what is right & wrong in your own journey.

The reason I have mentioned these key areas when it comes to food and water consumption is that by focusing on these areas I have seen dramatic changes in an individual not only in their physical aspect but also emotionally. This if you ask me, one should gladly take, if it comes as a package deal along with shape and endurance.

I am sure some of you have loads of questions on the aspect I have touched upon today. I will be glad to answer them for you on my Face book page or at my mail Id