Does Visualization really work for me?

The week has been phenomenal for the simple reason that I have been helping my coaching clients work on their goals through visualization.

Is visualizing a myth or is there something more to it? When I look back I am certain that Visualization has played a critical role in my own self development. How does one go about visualizing the path yet to be taken? This is something I will be addressing in the next few paragraphs.  To begin with, one can work on the following:

How do you visualize: There is no one way or time for Visualizing. It’s important to be in a quiet, calm setting and state of mind when practicing a visualization technique. Do your best to create an environment through which it is possible to relax and feel calm. First thing in the morning or just before bed can be a good time to practice visualization, away from the chaos of the day. This works for me and I have been using these two time slots to the best of my ability. I usually meditate for a few minutes before moving on to Visualization and I feel that this is the path any one of you can take even if you are new to this.

Visualize on specific things: If you are working on your goals, then be very specific on the end results and the road map you would wish to take, if you intend to reach there. Sometimes writing down these things helps one for the simple reason that when thoughts come out on paper then it will be that much easier to put an image to these thoughts in the mind. The idea is to be a part of the whole journey and not be a mere spectator. Feel the vivid color,  experience the sound, smell and even any other kind of feeling in your body when you reach the destination. What this does is that it makes you create the road maps in your own mind for things to happen in the near future.

Know that this can become a reality: It is critical to maintain awareness that what you are visualizing right now can become a reality in a near future. Having that dream job or even a partner is not an unrealistic objective for some of you. Given sufficient time, focus and effort getting these things will eventually become inevitable. The purpose of the visualization technique is to keep your mind focused on the benefits of what life will be like when you achieve your specific goal. This makes it less likely that you will stray from making the choices that need to be made in order to achieve your goals. This according to me has kept me absolutely focused in my journey as a soloprenuer Life Coach.

Make this a daily habit: Sometimes the question which comes across to me is why does one need to visualize every day of his/her life  and my reply is usually like “Why does one need to have a bath everyday” it’s because we need to feel fresh and clean everyday and so will it be for visualization. Do it every day. The more you focus on this and then you will not have a choice but to be good at it.

I have come across many studies which have shown that merely visualizing one’s desired reality makes success more likely.  The wonderful thing about visualization is that it will not take hours of your time but on the contrary the maximum time it takes is about ten minutes in the morning or in the evening. I am sure you can figure out the areas you want to focus on to begin visualizing. As communicated earlier, you will be surprised with the results you can see eventually in front of your own eyes. You can use Visualization for just about any area of your life, be it your profession or personal life. The key thing is that you need to believe that you deserve it and will eventually help you empower yourself in more ways than one.

I hope that somewhere you have begun to understand as to What one can do to live the Life one wants not by just day dreaming about it but on the contrary visualizing it and making course corrections through the journey.