Eat healthy to strengthen your Emotional Muscle.

Are you aware that eating 5-6 servings of fruits & vegetables in a day will help in altering the mood of an individually drastically? I have seen an amazing transformation of the emotional thought process with me and my own  clients over the years who  have followed this.

Over the years we have been bombarded with information that to be healthy one needs to eat the recommended quantity of fruits & vegetables.

The quantity is not gargantuan as many do perceive to be but as little as your fist size 5-6 times a day. If you are clear with respect to what is that you want, then you will figure out ways and means in your busy schedule to stick to the recommended quantity.

When the benefits are obvious the only person in my opinion who is stopping each one of you from getting there is yourself.

Some of the most common roadblocks one faces when they do begin to increase the intake are many and I have touched upon a few which will help you get onto the healthy highway in no time –

Consider mostly fresh fruits & vegetables: With lack of time and resources most of the people I come across in my line of work think that eating cut fruits is as healthy, since it saves time & energy.

Well unfortunately most of the nutrients are oxidised when exposed to nature. Working on eating more fresh fruits calls for ingenuity and a little bit of effort no doubt.

Look at carrying fruits & vegetables which can be carried as a whole and eaten in between your meetings,breaks or even when hunger pangs hit you without much of a fuss.

Smoothies are the way to go forward: The easiest thing one can do to ensure a good healthy dose is using a blender and working on a smoothie.The Only thing is to ensure not to add any artificial sweetener or sugar which negates the effect of the whole effort.

You can be extremely innovative here and mix and match according to your own convenience and budget. I remember carrying two airtight tubes of these religiously, to work on a regular basis for many years.

Dry fruits are a good alternative: During our high altitude journeys, the one thing we all carried was dry fruits. This actually kept my friends and me going for many days when we were completely cut out of civilization.

One handful of Almonds, walnuts, raisins, flax seed and lemon seed will ensure that the required quantity of fibre will go in to your system.

The biggest advantage of dry fruits is that they do not spoil immediately and you can rest assured that you will find small boxes in my car, gym kit and locker.

Boiled is also an option: Some of the vegetables and fruits increase their nutrient value, when cooked or boiled. For those of you who are averse to eating anything raw, then boiling some specific vegetables and fruits is the way to go forward.

I have figured out that eating boiled peanuts with chopped fresh onions & coriander is far better than eating it raw. So whenever there is an opportunity I always ensure that I dig into this combination.

See what suits you and of course do your own research to ensure that what you are consuming helps you in the long run and not just act as a filler.There are more than enough combination to suit each one of your taste,preference and budget.

With these above options I am sure that you will eventually figure out a combination which suits you and begin consuming naturally available medicines for your system.

In my opinion the biggest benefit to any person is “it begins to alter your thought process, which will eventually completely alter your life”. It cannot get more natural than this and some of the shifts which I have seen within me and my clients are at times surreal.

As always do work on small changes and in no time you will be enjoying the immediate benefits of a natural concoction of nutrients flooding through your bloodstream.

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