Enjoy the ride of your Life

Do you see your life through a mindset of scarcity or one of abundance? Most people walk through life with constant fear of tomorrow since they do not know what is in the making.

When you do not know as to what the future holds, one is more often than not living in constant fear. The fear might be about failing in a relationship, losing a job, going through a bad marriage or even at times being successful. Yes many people are scared of being successful too.

Therefore if you are terrified of life my friend, then remember that taking control of this is in your hands. The sooner you begin, the lesser the damage you will bring on to yourself.

If some of you remember, I was living in “constant fear”of going on my own a couple of years ago. Being a first generation Solopreneur in the family it was that much more difficult for me to take the plunge. The fear of not being able to pay the bills, sustain on my own and also work on a profession where a handful had dared to venture before me was something I had to fight hard to overcome.

However once I began to change my perception and looked at life as an adventure, everything changed for me. It changed my belief structure completely from the inside out. With this mindset the possibilities and opportunities that unfolded themselves in front of me seemed endless.

Life has indeed changed for me in the last four years, when I took a decision to not go through the mundane task of working for somebody ever again. It was about doing “what I love to do” and that is helping people transform their lives. I am glad I came to this realization. I have found peace I never knew before. While I am confident that life will send me many surprises, challenges and obstacles, I know I will always be able to master them in my own journey.

 You might be sitting in any part of the globe reading this and thinking how I can relate to these words. You might be stopping yourself from moving in the direction you always wanted. I am just hoping that whatever decision you have been holding on to and procrastinating over the last few days, weeks & in some cases years, remember that you owe it to yourself to make the decision and put in an action plan to move forward.

After all working on your thought processes will eventually ensure that you do play your role in changing the world, which is also a significant contribution.

When I began my journey over 4 years ago I never did imagine that I would be working with people from across the globe in Re-designing their own lives and helping them transform. All this began because I believed in myself and trusted my inner voice, that as long as I was certain about what I wanted to do, nothing could stop me from reaching my goals.

I would urge each one of you to work on your biggest fears by not staying put, but stepping forward with confidence and energy. I do believe that it is time Enjoy the “Ride of your Life”

One thing I can guarantee is that you will never regret another day for taking this path. I will be more than happy, if you would want me as your co-rider to ride with you in this journey. The journey of yours might be one of becoming an Entrepreneur, taking on a new role or even moving away from a bad relationship. It does not matter.

The crux of all this is the same and I will be more than happy to play my role in this “very important journey” of yours which you are planning to undertake.

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