How Exercise changed me from inside out

Are you someone who knows that you need to exercise regularly, but somehow can’t make time for it? Well don’t worry; I too was stuck with the same predicament a couple of years ago.

First things first – remember that there is nothing wrong with you; working with people over the years, has convinced me that the approach is wrong in developing the exercise habit. Change the approach & you will get the desired results. I changed the way I looked at exercise,many years back & Life has never been the same ever since.

Working on my own exercise habit has reinforced my belief structure and changed me from the core. Some of the changes are –

I am healthier:

For those of you who know me personally or have been reading my blogs over the years know the challenges I went through in my health journey. When I developed the exercise habit, I realised that I began to trust myself better and this spilt over to other areas of my life.

I am not only healthier now but also extremely confident about myself. The credit for this has to go to my regular exercise habit which I have developed over the years.

I walk the talk:

My biggest passion as a Life & Wellness Coach is the example I set by walking the talk for each of my clients, readers, friends & family. Remember people can read through you, when you do not follow what you preach. I show people who chose to cross my path as to what being healthy can do to a person from the inside out.

I show & walk with them that living a healthy life in this chaos is very much possible. When I share my success journey from the impossible to the possible most can relate to this and they begin to connect with me.Once you connect with someone at the metaphysical level,it is that much more easier to communicate.

Exercise is my best motivator:

What has happened to me over the years is that I know that exercise is good for me and I look forward to these times during the day. This has given me incredible strength to teach myself to begin other things, for which I take the strength from my exercise habit.

I have made exercise, a reservoir of strength and always encash upon it for all my other important tasks in my life be it from writing my Blogs to even talking in front of a hundred people in seminars.

 I do not look at Exercise anymore as something which I do to get the physical benefit. There is always more to just than being physically fit. I see my time spent over the days & weeks doing 4-5 sessions of yoga, lifting weights, swimming & running as a habit around which my life and profession are built.

I feel good just walking the talk & knowing that each one of you can do these things irrespective of your health,professional or even personal condition. The effects of this have been priceless and can be, for you as well. It is certain to change your life as much as it has mine.

As always I would love to hear from you on what Exercise means to you. I am reachable on my mail Id or on my FaceBook Fan page.

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