Fear is just an illusion in your mind

I have realized over the years that the mere fact of facing up to the fear will make most of us freeze in our paths towards being more decisive. More than often,the fear of action makes many people lead a compromised life. Over the years, I have also been guilty of succumbing to this sucker and learnt that, to win over fear in our own mind there is no single short cut but some simple steps which I  did take over the years and am going to explain in the next few paragraphs.

Fear according to me is just a mirage which looks menacing. However once you begin to turn the tables you can make it your best buddy in this journey called life. Fear is mostly a fabrication of our mind and it usually imprisons one within the confines of your comfort zone for most part of your life. Fear is nothing but False Evidence that Appears Real. I work with people day in and out to help them overcome this unhealthy thought process, to eventually make them look at life in a totally new light. Some of the things which one can do to fight fear are –

What are your fears?

Yes, identifying your biggest fear which is compromising your life, is the most important thing you can do. If you do not know what you as an individual are dealing with, then how will you chalk out a road map? I always spend considerable time with my clients on the initial sessions to find out the fear at the conscious and subconscious level which is pulling one down. I have realized that once you pin down the fear or the sequence of events which is causing the fear, it makes things more manageable and workable.

Move fear into the light

Once you have identified the fear lurking inside you, then it is time to move it in the open, to see how to begin some work. Have you ever pulled a closet and spread the contents to do a cleanup? The same analogy works here. Once you move the fear out to understand what the problems are, you are throwing some light on it. I strongly believe that the answer to darkness is always light and moving the fear from the dark corner in your mind to some light in this case awareness, makes a huge difference in fighting your fear. I realized that clients had more clarity when they took the fear out of their own mind  and looked at things with a completely different perspective by working with a Life Coach like me. Sure the problem still exists and it may be a difficult one to deal with it but the smartest thing you can do is not to procrastinate but to jump into the arena.

Make a Plan of Action

Once you know what the challenge is and bring it out in the open, then it is time for some action. Small positive steps in the right direction are all that are required to work on the fear factor. You will be amazed as to how light and calm you will begin to feel when you work on small steps towards a solution. The only way you can overcome fear is by action and the only workable action plan I have seen & has worked for me  over the years is taking regular small steps towards the  goals.

Visualize yourself overcoming the fear

Once you have a workable plan and have began to take some baby steps, then it is imperative that you see yourself doing things you feared the most in the mind. Make it look as real as possible. Remember that the mind cannot make out what is real and what is imagined. It just does its job of processing the data and this is where working with a Professional Life coach is very important. Once you begin to reprogram the sub-conscious mind in overcoming the fear then it is just a matter of time before you begin to do it in reality.

I personally believe that overcoming fear is a learned skill, which any one can inculcate. Yes, it takes time and most importantly some major shifts from the inside out. Nevertheless the joy and the euphoria once goes through when they realize that they have actually managed to overcome some of the biggest fears makes my job as a Life coach so very blessed. Some things cannot be expressed in words and this emotion comes close to it. By reading this far you have already taken the first step and put the wheel in motion. You just need to work on the tips I have explained above and move forward.

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