Here Is How To Get Motivated And Stay Motivated

Recently, I received a call from my friend Jimmesh Sarvotam who was my school mate and later also my batch mate during my college days. We had studied together for almost a decade plus and Jimmesh was always the studious kind of person unlike me.

I had lost contact with Jimmesh for a couple of years, when I accidentally bumped into him in one of the Business Seminars for which I was invited as the Key Note Speaker. Jimmesh had heard me amongst the audience and later walked up to me and we reconnected.

Jimmesh did some small talk when he called me yesterday and after a while, I did ask him how he was doing. There was a long pause and after what sounded like a deep breath, Jimmesh with a changed tone of voice told me that at Mid 40’s he had lost all the passion and excitement in his job and was also sensing that it was seeping into his personal life.

For someone who was all fired up in his dream, job couple of years back he now felt like he had been pushed to do the things. Even though he did say that he and his team were working on a groundbreaking technology space, he somehow felt that he was not juiced up and feeling good about himself.

After hearing him out for a while, I did asked him a few typical questions which a professional coach would ask. More often than not, I have to wear multiple hats when I am in conversation and this was the time for me to make the shift. After spending some time, he realized what he needed to do to get back to be motivated and be self-driven and hung up.

After that conversation with Jimmesh, I thought through it and realized that over the years, I have had hundreds of people just like in Jimmesh’s predicament. They just lose the Mojo to push through and are perplexed because there is no logical reason as to why they are seeing the world through these lenses.

If you are someone who is going through this exact situation then, don’t worry! I have been there and walked the path many a time in my own Corporate life as a Leader driving large teams.

First things first … You have to stop being in denial mode and accept the fact that something is not going the way it is supposed to be. Most people tend to go on a defensive mode the moment they are questioned. Don’t worry. It’s the way where most of the ordinary folks operate on. The fact that you have come up till this stage of the blog article is proof enough that you do not belong to the ordinary.

Let me be very clear “Jimmesh Syndrome” (yes, I just coined this right now) can happen to just about anybody – man or woman. I have not yet come across anything which proves it otherwise. So, let’s dive in deeper.

Go All Out

Half-measured efforts won’t take you to your destination. A whole-hearted approach is certain to get you there no matter what the challenges are in the journey. The secret I want to share with you today is that “Only you have the absolute power to give yourself the permission to go all the way out.“

Now, since you are anyway going all out what is stopping you from being the best in what you are doing? Why aim low and get there when you can nevertheless aim for an audacious goal and get there as well? The reason is very clear. When you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone then that is the space where the real growth does happen.

Over the years, I have seen this happen with hundreds of my own clients. When I make them move out of the comfort zone, then the magic begins to happen and extraordinary opportunities begin to come their way. Not convinced yet? Well … read some of the biggest success stories of this century. All of them would have walked this path to greatness.

Find Your Greatness

Each one of us have our own unique special trait which we do not encash enough. I have seen so many executives and entrepreneurs who are gifted in certain aspects of life but they do not build on it to become better in their respective fields.

If you are someone who is good at writing then you need to do and practice more. If you are someone who is good in speaking then you have to do more of it. Finding your own unique strength is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. If you are not able to identify it then speak to people who do know you well and ask them. I am sure each one of you will have a couple of people who can see through your own blind spots and help you get to your own unique gift.

Once you identify this then spend some time everyday working on becoming better. Just an hour everyday will make a huge difference in the next 90 days. Step up and step out of your comfort zone today. The reason it is called the comfort zone is pretty evident. Your biggest growth will come outside of it and mostly certainly never inside it.

The below video by TED-Ed shows the impact of constant practice on our brain.

Build Your Circle Of Excellence

Look, if you are looking at working on big goals then let’s accept it you need to spend some time with people who are winners and work on their own big goals. The more you build your own circle of excellence, more you will be driven and motivated to do the things which each one of them are doing.

You cannot expect to soar high if you are spending more time with people who always complain, think less of themselves and whine about everything. Do whatever it does take to expand your own circle of excellence and spend some quality time with people either through in person or through books, videos and audio books.

I do this every day for a couple of hours and I cannot tell you as to how much this has helped me personally over the last couple of decades. I consciously look at giving my time to empowering people and distance myself from disempowering ones. So what is stopping you from building your circle of excellence from today???

Stop Self Sabotage

Yes, you did read it right. When people are not driven or motivated, the first thing they tend to do is self-sabotage. Not taking care of yourself is in my view, self-sabotage. If you are looking at becoming great in what you are doing then you have to be in your peak physical and emotional condition.

This can only happen if you put in time to work on your body and mind. Regular exercise, eating healthy and keeping a sharp eye on ensuring that you follow a regular sleep pattern will go a long way in helping you move in the right direction. Believe me, once you begin to take care of your own body then you will notice a huge shift in the way you see the whole world.

Change Your Mental Image

Are you aware that each one of us see ourselves in a specific way from the inside first and then outside? If you see yourself as confident and assertive then, that is how you will do the things on the outside. Your inner image is directly proportionate to the external you.

So, if you are going down a rabbit hole of low self-esteem, confidence issue or limiting beliefs then working on changing on what you see yourself from the inside is the most effective way of turning things around.

Some of the most successful sportsmen, executives and entrepreneurs do work on this one activity which I will guarantee will give you 10X returns. This is one of the most important reasons as to why Visualization is the most important activity which one needs to do every day to work on changing your mental image. The biggest secret is that the mind cannot make out what is happening in real and what is happening virtually when you visualize. It just processes the data without asking any questions. This is gold when it comes to changing your own mental image.

This brilliant article by Angie LeVan throws more light on the impact of visualization.

Speak To Yourself Nicely

Yes, what we tell ourselves does matter as much as how we see ourselves internally. Each one of us talk to ourselves hundreds and thousands of times a day. So, it is imperative that you are on top of what you are telling yourself every day and change the internal dialogue if it is not empowering or driving you.

As long as you do believe in where you want to go then talking to yourself is one of the most important activities you can do from today. Whenever I am physically tired in the gym or in the golf course or at times climbing the mountains I always talk to myself about not giving up. Each and every time, it has worked for me.

Positive self-talk and empowering words have given me the momentum when I used to slip and lag behind. I do not see any reason as to why it can’t work with you. As with everything, begin small and build on it.

Be Unstoppable

Working towards being unstoppable is a step-by-step method and there are thousands of examples of men and women who have become unstoppable in what they are doing. The good thing is that each one of them have left a blueprint for all of us to follow and this is what will take you to your greatness. Becoming unstoppable is nothing but

  1. Taking massive actions
  2. Getting up every time you fall down
  3. Keep trying and develop a bull-dog-like attitude
  4. Feeding your belief system and
  5. Keeping the momentum

Once you begin to work on these things not necessarily in the same order then I will guarantee you one thing which will make you unstoppable in your own journey and always Stay Motivated and Be Motivated. Your external circumstances will never matter and this is something over which you and me do not have any control. However, by working on this area you are directly taking control of your internal environment over which you do have 100 % control.

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