Get Motivated & stay that way

Have you had days where you are absolutely motivated and felt you could do just about anything? Well all of us go through these patches at times in our lives but somehow miss out on ensuring that we stay motivated at all times.

Motivation is a state of mind and in my professional career as a Life & Wellness Coach I more often  come across people who only know about motivation as a word in the dictionary.

Working with people who find being motivated an insurmountable challenge,has given an insight that getting there is a step by step approach like anything else. Some of the things to begin with whilst working on being motivated are –

Act with purpose: When my clients reach out to me, the first question is to find his/her purpose. Once if someone is aware of this, then you will automatically create direction in your thoughts and eventually in life.

Our thoughts are ultimately what make us and having more clarity & knowing one’s purpose will eventually make one act with purpose. I have seen many people seeing this with a myopic vision, whereas the exact opposite is what is required.

Be responsible for your own results: Once you take ownership for your own results, then it is never about getting it right or wrong but about taking one step at a time in the forward direction.

You continue to move forward towards your goals even when you encounter setbacks. There is no magic involved here but the pure logic of being accountable.

It is something like sitting next to a driver and seeing the things go by and thereafter switching roles to be the driver of your own life.Everything changes when you have absolute control of the vehicle and in this case it is your own life.

Perfection comes at the end of the journey: Humans are not only creatures of habit but also most of them do want things absolutely perfect. Many miss out on life – waiting for the perfect time to start, which both of us know never comes.

The real joy of achievement doesn’t come from what you achieve but from your efforts in trying to achieve it. This is exactly what I help my clients discover, when I work with them through the weeks of intense coaching .

Once this shift happens then most do not look for perfection but for sustenance. They would have realised that perfection will eventually come and one does not need to strive too hard for it.

Invest on your health: I have hardly come across anybody who is highly motivated and does not invest some time on being healthy. There is a direct correlation between being motivated & health.

Hence I spend a greater part of my time with my clients in working towards their overall wellness, which in an indirect way helps them be absolutely motivated.

When people ask me as to what keeps me motivated to do the things I do, i tell them that the key reason is that  I focus on my health every day of my life and it is a priceless long term investment.

What this eventually does is that it drives me to walk the talk.

Spend more time with motivated people: I am a big advocate and believer of being influenced and studies have proved that “People around you” play a big role in keeping you motivated.

Hence it is prudent that you do keep away from energy drainers and spend some quality time with people who energize you. Put social network to good use.

I am always on the lookout through this forum for people, who inspire others and never miss an opportunity to learn & if possible connect with them. With technology at our fingertips this is a daily ritual for me.

If you harness the amazing power of social network then there are more positive story you can share just like me.

Being motivated is definitely a step by step approach. Some of the things which  over the years has worked for me & my clients is what I have shared with you through  this Blog article.

If you relate to my thoughts then i would appreciate if you can share this amongst your family & friends. I will also look forward to seeing  a few words in the comments section of my Blog on or on my Face book fan page.

Some words of encouragement from each one of you sure does keep me motivated.