Get to your best physique ever

Getting to be as lean as possible is what most desire. Though not a walk in the park, with some tweaks in your training, nutrition & lifestyle change  you can begin to move in the right direction.

For someone who is closing towards forty, it is imperative that I be as lean as possible especially with the kind of work that I am doing. Irrespective of whether you are a Man/woman in the age range of 20-50 you can begin to focus on the following to help you work towards your best physique ever –

Consume more water:

Most tend to slip up in this critical area. I am surprised to hear that many think that, living on less than a litre of water is the norm. Water is the key when it comes to staying in shape.

It helps to boost one’s metabolism, cleanse our body of harmful toxins & more importantly act as an appetite suppressant.At times when we feel hungry we are actually thirsty. Therefore gulp a big glass of water, to avoid snacking up on unhealthy food.

Be consistent with your carbs:

I have seen far too many people working on completely eliminating Carbs. Our body needs complex carbs to fuel our cells. Eliminating it completely, can be your biggest downfall. Our body switches to the safe mode & begin to store the limited Carbs as fat, when we restrict ourselves with less Carbs.

The best option would be to consume food rich in Complex carbs, proteins & fats in equal measure. As long your food intake is clean, I would not consider it as something which might derail your weight goals.

Increase your sleep time:

I keep telling this, but do not mind saying it again. All “Physical & Emotional” Transformations occur during sleep. If this is one area where you are compromising on, then it is time to take a look at getting to 7-9 hours of sleep per night through the week.

With such a fast paced life, most do tend to manage with just about 5-6 hours of poor quality sleep. Look at maintaining a regular sleep cycle to ensure you are in tune with your circadian cycle.

Rework on your Intensity:

If you do belong to the old school of thought, that steady state cardio is the key to fat burning, you will be surprised. Work  on altering your intensity in the cardio & weight sections. This will guarantee you better results in less time. I have switched modes to this in both my routines.

In fact I would invite some of you based out of Bangalore, to join me for my early morning runs during the weekends. I am planning to run twice a week in the morning with more focus on intensity.

Do connect with me & I can share more details about the same.It will also be great to meet in person & talk about your Wellness Goals.

I am in the quest of getting to my best physique ever, before I touch my 40th birthday. I am working on getting there by following the above mentioned action points as of now.

I would want you  to join me in this journey. We can team up and just like crowdsourcing, work with collective positive Energy, which is more empowering than individual.

As usual I would love to hear from you on the above & will look forward to connecting with you on my mail Id or at my Face Book Fan page.

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