Get your positive gears turning?

If you thought that being an optimist was ingrained in our genes, you can’t be more wrong. Having an optimistic mindset, can make one improve drastically in a very short period of time and the pure energy one radiates, will be enough to influence circumstances and people.

Being positive & optimistic has more advantages than any other trait and it is a choice which most of us can take. Developing an optimistic mindset is easier said than done.

Some of the areas which I would like to touch upon going forward will be a good beginning for just about anybody.

Forgive & move on: Forgiving someone is something which I always tell is in our absolute control. We need to encash on this, one empowering habit and it does more good to you than the other person.

Remember that having resentment & envy drains you out of precious energy and worse will attract similar thoughts and actions. The easiest thing you can do is to make peace with the past and ensure it does not spoil your present & eventually jeopardize your future.

Do whatever it takes at the conscious & the sub-conscious level to close the chapter and move on. I will guarantee you that, you will be a different person by just planting this seed in your mind from today.

Pay it forward: Share your life’s journey with people around you. When we share our successes & failures in life we are giving others around us tools that they can build on, evolve & persevere.

Over the years I have never shied away from talking about my own stories. I have seen that it helps to build hope in people and according to me “Hope is the glue” which helps in binding the optimism & positive energy within each one of us.

Develop listening skills: Some of the best communicators and positive people around us are great in listening. Well that is one of the key traits of working towards a positive & optimistic mindset.

By sharpening your listening skills, you are demonstrating confidence & respect to others which is proof that you are absolutely in control of yourself.

Over the years I have worked to develop this which is critical for somebody in a profession like me. This has helped me immensely over the years.

Channelize energy: When we allow ourselves to have jealousy & envy we are doing more harm than good to ourselves. Work towards channelizing that particular energy to empower yourself.

Develop a mindset to consider other people successes to work as a catalyst to help you achieve yours. Begin small and in no time you will be working at the subconscious level and doing these just like batting an eyelid.

Remember that once you condition your own mind to pick this approach, then it is just a matter of time before you even think of  doing this.

Be a positive forward thinker: When you begin to see things in the future in a positive way the mind has the ability to consider it as a cue and help you move towards it.

Once you do have the bigger picture in place, then small obstacles and irritants will not matter anymore. You will begin to develop a habit of seeing the forest for the trees.

Just like any muscle in the body which becomes stronger so does this particular neural pathway in your own mind.The more you exercise this, the stronger it does get.

Working towards being more positive & eventually an optimistic person is not a difficult journey. As with any journey this has to first begin in the mind and that is what I exactly do as a Life & Wellness Coach.

I work with people in “redesigning their lives” and in most cases it happens at the sub conscious level, which I always say is our own operating system.

Regular updates will help each one of us to be on top of things and I am sure the above pointers will help you to at the least  begin on the right note.

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